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Top & Leggings: Target | Skirt: Thrift (Target) | Boots: Payless

I wore this to my boyfriends college graduation tuesday. He’s been in school a majority of the almost four years we’ve been together. So it’s kinda weird that it’s over. Weird but good! It means we’ll probably have a lot of changes in the next year. The graduation was long, but it was fun to see him finally cross the stage and celebrate his achievement.

I won’t lie it was a bit of a struggle to figure out what to wear. Graduations are kind of  a dressy event but how dressy is hard to gauge. I was only watching the ceremony so I  didn’t have to be dressed up, but I didn’t want to be super casual either. So I decided to just go with something easy that looked nice but wasn’t too much. Lately I’ve been really into vertical striped knits. So, when I saw this shirt on a youtuber I had to run to target and get it in both colors. Basics were the name of the game for the rest of the outfit with all black everything on the bottom.  My knee high boots also finally came out, since it’s been frigid here in MN the past week and it’s only getting colder. Send help and warmth!




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