Statement Tassel



Top: Thrift (Old Navy) | Jeans: Thrift (Target) | Shoes: Thrift ( Sam Edelman) | Tassel Earrings: Amazon | Bracelets: Thrift




Leave it to a bright tassel statement earring to really elevate an outfit. This very basic summer top and jeans are elevated by the addition of these fun tassel earrings.  When I got them they were a little brighter than I had imagined, but I’ve come around to them. I get a lot of complements on them when I wear them so that helps. I’m also somewhat obsessed with tassel earrings now.

The only thing I’m not so thrilled about in this outfit are the Jeans. While they seemed fine when I bought them looking at them in the pictures I realize, meh I could definitely do better. I definitely need to invest in some good dark wash jeans and some medium wash jeans without whiskers. I was meh about the whiskers before but, sometimes it takes a good outfit photo to really hate an item. But, I have been trying to simplify and clean out my closet. So these can go as well.

Anyway I hope you all are having an amazing summer! I’m trying to post more regularly. I had had two jobs for 6 months this year and just didn’t have the time to fit in outfit posts. But now i’m back down to one and will hopefully be posting at least once a week. I also have a fun trip to Seattle planned for Labor Day weekend and will be sure to post photos from that. So stay tuned!

As We Go On, graduation watching realness

Top & Leggings: Target | Skirt: Thrift (Target) | Boots: Payless

I wore this to my boyfriends college graduation tuesday. He’s been in school a majority of the almost four years we’ve been together. So it’s kinda weird that it’s over. Weird but good! It means we’ll probably have a lot of changes in the next year. The graduation was long, but it was fun to see him finally cross the stage and celebrate his achievement.

I won’t lie it was a bit of a struggle to figure out what to wear. Graduations are kind of  a dressy event but how dressy is hard to gauge. I was only watching the ceremony so I  didn’t have to be dressed up, but I didn’t want to be super casual either. So I decided to just go with something easy that looked nice but wasn’t too much. Lately I’ve been really into vertical striped knits. So, when I saw this shirt on a youtuber I had to run to target and get it in both colors. Basics were the name of the game for the rest of the outfit with all black everything on the bottom.  My knee high boots also finally came out, since it’s been frigid here in MN the past week and it’s only getting colder. Send help and warmth!




Festival Outfit for Summer ’16

summer go to festival dress

plus size festival go-to

summer festival dress plus size

festival essential mini backpack


Dress: Thrift (Anthropologie) | Shoes: Converse | Backpack: Gifted (Coach) | Sunnies : ASOS

          Yes this is a summer festival outfit in the beginning of fall (sorry guys), but I never got around the taking outfit photos this summer. Anyway here’s a look at one of my favorite outfits from the summer. I thrifted this dress in the winter and knew it would be perfect for hot summer days. I finally got to primer it at Rock the Garden, a local music festival here in Minneapolis put on by the Walker Art Center. I thought the dress was perfect since it had a cool festival vibe but didn’t scream FESTIVAL. The only downside is I’ve had some pretty weird tan lines all summer thanks to the dress. I’ve worn it a couple times since out around town and to the Pizza Luce block party to see Lizzo. It’s definitely my favorite easy summer piece and it has pockets. Was there any outfit you gravitated towards this summer? Let me know below.  And since I didn’t really blog much this summer here’s a little peak into my summer ’16.