A Few of My Favorite Things: September 2016

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a favorites post, so here are a few of my favorite things from September.


1. Chance the Rapper – Angels

I got to see Chance earlier this summer when he played at Rock the Garden, but it took me a minute to really check out his music.  I finally did a few months ago and now I’m obsessed. Angels is my personal favorite at the moment (No Problem is also amaze), but the whole Mixtape is awesome. Check it out on Apple Music, Spotify etc. if you haven’t.


2. Lizzo- Phone

I saw Lizzo twice this year, once with her former group Grrrl Party and once solo at the Pizza Luce block party. I got to see her preform this song live and was so waiting for the song and video to finally come out. It’s so fun, gotta love her!

3.   Bitch Sesh and it’s facebook group

If it existed I would have a PHD in Real Housewifery. I’ve seen EVERY episode of all the American iterations and I love them all. So, when I found Bitch Sesh  I was hooked.  MY PEOPLE! It’s hosted by  SNL and Happy Endings alum Casey Wilson and writer/actor Danielle Schneider. It’s full of weekly housewife breakdowns, housewife product tests, and appeals to the true #garbagepeople in all of us.  If you like housewives like I like housewives you need to listen and you need to listen NOW! The only thing better than the actual podcast is the secret Facebook group, a safe space where fellow housewives fanatics or “Whispering Alene’s”  tell harrowing boots on the ground bravo-lebrity encounters and share photos and news pieces. It’s truly a magical place and it has made me love Facebook in a way I haven’t since probably my freshman year of college.


4.  Luke Cage

I’m 6 episodes deep into Luke Cage and I really like it so far. Set in Harlem it follows Cage as he tries to live peacfully under that radar, obviously that doens’t go well. It also has really cool musical numbers in it by different artists (see above) since Cotton Mouth owns a club in the show. So far my favorite character is Cotton Mouth, he’s deliciously mean but also somewhat sympathetic. I generally like the Marvel Netflix shows a little better than the movies, I just think they’re a little darker and tackle deeper issues. That said, they could use a bit of a shake up. They all see to have similar villains and a similar flow which makes them run together a bit.  But Luke Cage is really good and is definitely one of my September favorites.

5. Atlanta

Like probably all of you, I’d been seeing promos for Atlanta since like June. All the promos seemed cool but none really explained what the show was about. But, so far, the show has lived up to the hype.  It’s about a broke guy trying to make a better life for himself and his family by being the manager of his up-and-coming rapper cousin. My favorite character is Darius who is just hilarious and random.  My favorite episode so far has definitely been Nobody Beats the Biebs, where a black actor plays Justin Beiber  and it’s as weird and entertaining (yet also unexpectedly though provoking) as you’d hope. Anyway if you haven’t you should definitely give it a try.