What I didn’t Buy at the Thrift Store

1. Vintage clock


I saw a similar clock from this brand on a YouTube channel I watch (The Fashion Citizen), they thrifted theirs too and it turned out to be a Mid Century Modern clock. This one was pretty cool but It wasn’t as cool as the one I saw in the vlog and I wouldn’t use it. So I left it for someone who would. I’m sure it looks super cool in someones home now.

2. Apple Cups!


These cups were so 80’s/90’s that I kind of wanted them. But I have too many cups as it is.

3. Dishwasher Destroyed Pitcher


I  would have picked up this pitcher if it had been in better condition, I have a few pieces in this style and I think they’re really cool.

4. Green Vintage Lamp



This  60’s/70’s lamp that is kinda funky and cool.

5. Mushroom Clock


This I definitely should have gone back for this guy. It was pretty cheap and it’s soo cool! Alas I think I left it to try on clothes and then when I didn’t end up finding anything else left without it. A lot of times in the thrifts if I find something I only like and don’t love I’ll leave it, see if I find anything else, and if I do go back for it. But, if I don’t find anything else it tends to get left behind. It keeps me from buying lots of stuff I only kind of like but also keeps me from buying small items that, when I look back, are pretty cool. oh well.

6. Pair of Victorian-esque Paintings


These are obviously contemporary painting but they’re really good and super cool. I seriously thought about taking them home. I do have a desire to find a cool portrait or two for mi casa and while these were really cool I just wasn’t sure if they were really what I was looking for in a portrait. Hopefully someone scooped them up and they’re hanging in someones cool house.

7. Creppy Ceramic Cat/Dog Girl


Ok, I was never actually tempted to buy this I just thought it was so random I had to share. I don’t really get it, why is her mouth open like that? What’s up with her weird stripey legs?  I do love that she’s holding a … cat(?) though.

8. Dayton’s Backpack


For those of you not from Minnesota Dayton’s was Minnesota’s big local department store until the early 00’s when it bought Marshall Fields (and became Marshall Fields) and then was bought by Macy’s. The  Dayton’s also started your favorite big box store, Target. Anyway back in the day (aka early 90’s…) they gave away backpacks to Kindergarten Classes. I’m not sure if it was all of Minnesota or just Minneapolis Public Schools but either way when I spied this backpack it was a serious throwback. I don’t think this is the pattern I got when I was in kindergarten, I think kindergartners a few years younger than me got these specific ones, but I do remember seeing them around. I remember boys got like a blue orange and red bags and girls got pink and blue ones. I also remember that I had THE coolest iridescent pink backpack and so I didn’t really use the Dayton’s one much. But when I saw this in the Halloween section of a local thrift store  I knew I had to share.

9. 1960’s Wedding Dress




I find vintage wedding dresses to be super cool. This one from the 60’s caught my eye in the Halloween section of a local thrift store. A blogger I used to follow found her wedding dress (a vintage 50’s dress) at the thrift store way before she ever was even engaged or in a relationship with her now husband and so I always like to look through the wedding dresses at thrift stores.  It’s fun to do because there can be some seriously hideous (80’s) ones and you never know if/when you’ll find the perfect vintage wedding dress that fits you like a glove for some possible wedding in the future that may or may not happen. And now I sound crazy.

10. Cheap Mid Century-ish Display Cabinet



I liked the idea 0f this display shelf more than the actual unit. It looks cheap and I’m pretty sure it’s cheaply made. But i did have elements I liked like the grass cloth background and funky curved spindle.







What I didn’t buy at the Thrift Store

I haven’t found anything too crazy at the thrifts lately. But I figured I’d share a few of the things I’ve noticed but for one reason or another didn’t buy.
1. Silver and White Vase
 I thought this vase had a pretty cool look and love the texture on the silver part. But I didn’t have a place for it at home.
2. Dooney and Burke Monogram Bag

This bag reminds me of hard of high school so hard, you know that time about 10 years ago (yeesh) when colorful monogram designer bags were all the rage. I carried it around thinking maybe it was worth something or my moms friend who re-sells things could re-sell it but I looked it up on the internets and it wasn’t worth much, so I left it for someone who’d love it

3. Silver and Turquoise Plates


I’m not sure what you’d use these for maybe as a bowl to hold fruit or something? Anyway I love the kind of southwestern vibe of the plates and I thought they were pretty cool.

4. Green Chair


The Upholstery of the chair isn’t great but I like the lines of it.

5. Clarinet


Aside from Pianos / Keyboards I haven’t found any musical instruments at the thrifts. So when I randomly opened this case and found a clarinet I thought it was pretty cool. I don’t play and don’t know a thing about them so I left it.

6.  Lanvin Bow Flats


Yes you read that right I found a pair of legit Lanvin flats that fit me perfectly, but I left them behind. Why? Because they were $100.00. The day I went they did have 30% off clothes, shoes and Accessories but $70.00 was still too much. I looked it up and that is a really good deal on these shoes considering they retail for 500.00-750.00 online. I probably should have gotten them, but I’m trying to save money right now so I passed.

7.  Orange Guy Bowling Pin


This bowling pin was unique. I would never buy it but I thought it was kind of fun.

What I didn’t buy at the thrift store

1. A Fox

I found this Illustrated fox/ cardboard cutout at Savers a few weeks back. The fox is very handsome and would be a fun piece in any room really, especially a kids room, but I didn’t really have a need for it and lately have been trying to not bring in unnecessary things. Hopefully this got a home on some adorable child’s wall.
2. Brass and Marble side table 
I really liked this side table, but wanna know what I have a lot of? side tables. I’m not even kidding I have five in one room. This was cute but I need closed storage more than side tables, so I passed.

3. lil Wishbone

I used to have a dog named Wishbone (before the TV show started thank you very much) and she was the sweetest dog. I also was a fan of the PBS show and even went to meet wishbone once at the Mall with my best friend and her mom, but the line was so long we got fed up and left. Anyway I spotted this mini Wishy at an estate sale and had instant nostalgia, but stuffed animals I need not.
4. Rich n’ Creamy Nestle Cup
I loved the typography on this mug and the cool 70’s vibes. I was going to get it if I ended up finding anything else, but I didn’t find anything else that day and forgot about the mug. 

5. Mid Century Modern Library cart

I’ve seen these before on craigslist and such but have honestly never really got them. I’m sure there is someone somewhere who styles these bad boys amazingly and would make me regret not buying it. But, I’d rather have cleaner looking closed storage or storage with non-slanted shelves. I thought about this for a while (it was super cheap) but I decided to pass and let it go to someone who’d be really excited for it.

6. Gold Lamp with potential

Something about the clean lines of this gold lamp drew me to it. With the right lampshade and/or a coat of spraypaint it could be really cool. But for the most part unless it’s an amazing Mid Century lamp that I just cannot live without I generally pass on lamps, like side table I already have too many. 

7. Men’s symbol Mug

This was another piece I told myself I’d go back for if I found anything else, but I didn’t. It’s very Austin Powers and I love that about it. The only thing with vintage mugs is they are often pretty small. That is obviously coming from the land of huge portions and giant mugs but I’ve become so accustomed to bigger mugs I find it hard buy cute smaller ones at the thrift store. I feel like I’d opt for the bigger ones and they’d be used mostly for decoration, which is kind of silly.

8. Backpack

I was given an old real leather coach mini backpack a few weeks before I saw this one. When I first spotted it I was hopping it was a bucket bag, so when I found out it was a backpack I was a little bummed. It’s super cute but I don’t really need two small backpacks, so I left it.


I saw this shirt hanging on a dressing room and loved it. But I wasn’t really in the mood to check the tag or try it on.  I love it though, had I been in a different mood ( and it been in my size) I may have bought it. 
9. Small Mid Century Lamp

I carried this around with me a bit, it was only three dollars but in the end I decided it really wasn’t cool enough for me to bring home. Plus I don’t really have a place for it.

10. Big Box Light

I liked the look of this lamp. Obviously it’s very big and bulky but something about it was appealing, I still passed though.

11.  Mixed Media lamp

 This lamp had a cool look i’d never seen before. But didn’t need it.

12.  Sand Dollar Lamps

There were two of these lamps and I actually think they’re really cool. I love the texture on them and think they have a really interesting shape. But I really have no place to put them, so I passed.

What I didn’t Buy at the Thrift Store

Hey guys! So try as I might I just couldn’t bring myself to buy anything yesterday at the Memorial Day thrift sales. I went to five stores and came away with nothing! There were just too many people and I was really just not in the mood. I mean one savers was giving out numbers for the dressing room, nope no sorry not gonna happen. So instead of a thrift haul I’d thought I’d do another addition of things I didn’t buy at the thrift store.

1.  Wagon Wheel Chairs 

 I’m Mildly obsessed with wagon wheel furniture.  If I had a house with a finished basement I would be tempted to decorate the whole thing in mid century wagon wheel furniture, it’s just so kitschy and cool. These chairs are pretty awesome but I don’t have a finished basement awaiting a sweet wagon wheel collection and if i’m going to go through the hassle of buying thrift store furniture It has to be something I know I can use.  So I left these for a better home.

2. Barber Chair

This chair is pretty cool but it was also pretty beat up. One of the arm rests fell completely off and  I also have no immediate use for it. So it stayed at the thrifts.

3. Mosaic-y Lamps

These are cool and I kind of regret not getting them but I have enough lamps and don’t really need anymore unless they’re something I can’t live without. These I could live without so I  left them.

9. Dirty Wavy Lamp

I liked the pattern on this lamp and thought if cleaned it would have a lot of potential. But again I don’t really need anymore lamps.

10. Mid Century Sliding Door Bookcase

Ok I kind of regret not getting this. It was only around $10/11.00 and I’ve wanted one of these for awhile. The catch? I want one with glass doors and these are solid wood. In hindsight I should have gotten it anyway but I guess I’ll wait for the next one I see.

11-12. Cat Statue and “Marble” top side table

I really liked the egyptian cat statue but it was like $14.00 and that seemed a bit pricey for a decorative cat. The side table was really cute too but one thing I really don’t need is another side table.

13. Emily Anne cross stitch

I have an old friend named Emily Anne who is exactly one day and eight years younger than whoever this cross stitch was made for. I kind of wanted to get it but I decided to just take a picture and maybe send it to her later.

14. Dress Form

I like the idea of a decorative dress form to hang clothes and stuff on, so when I see them at the thrifts I’m always a little interested. This one was a whopping $50.00 so I kept on walking.

15.  Pitcher

I liked the design on this pitcher but didn’t need one.

16. Mid Century Lawn Chairs

These lawn chairs were pretty cool but they were also in need of refinishing and were a bit pricey at about $70.00 for the pair. They’re very cool but were a bit expensive and not really practical for me right now, so I passed.

17. Mikasa Cups

I thought liked these but they were kind of small and into larger mugs at the moment.

18. Mid Century Small Dresser/ Nightstand 

These dressers ( there’s a twin behind it) were nice and would be good storage. I think they’d be cute with different pulls. But  A.) They didn’t have a tag and B.) I realized I liked them 99% because of the mid century style legs, which you can buy anywhere.  I decided to leave them since I really wasn’t in love.

19. Jelly Bean White House

This is a thing. My grandpa loves Jelly beans so I was slightly tempted to get it but … I don’t think anyone really needs a jelly bean white house. Except maybe for Jelly Bean Barack Obama, Obama bean?

What I didn’t Buy at the Thrift Store

1. Display shelf. I’ve been searching for something similar for awhile but it just wasn’t exactly what I was looking for… so I decided against it. Looking back I kind of regret it, it’s pretty cute and wasn’t that bad price wise. oh well.

2.  Daisy Table. This table is super cute but I have no space for it so it was a no go.

3. Cute little cabinet. This was cute too but it didn’t have a back and I wasn’t feeling the doors. I would be probably be a good candidate for a DIY but the probability of that actually happening is super low plus I didn’t have any inspiration for it in store so I left it.

4. Coffee? Bar? cart. I saw this at a warehouse sale for a local thrift store. It was cute and super cheap ($5.00) but in the end I talked myself out of it since I wasn’t in love with it.

5. Mid Century Doll House. This doll house was adorable but it was kind of expensive and I don’t collect doll houses of have a kid to give it to so I left it behind.

6. JESUS (on velvet). If it was an velvet Elvis I would have picked this up in a heartbeat. I like some religious paraphernalia  but I wasn’t crazy about this guy and  I’m not very religious so I don’t really need a velvet jesus i’m not in love with.

7.  Cannisters. These were cool and kind of art deco but they were missing the sugar and to be honest I have a few of them so If it’s not a complete set or doesn’t blow my mind I tend to move along. Although looking back they are pretty cute…

8.  Balloon Ballerina. I saw this at a random estate sale, it’s made of what looks like a bunch of tiny balloons. It was cute and would be adorable in a kids room but I gots no kids.

9. 50’s lamp. This lamp was cute but It wasn’t cool enough for me to get it. And I’m pretty sure it was 25.00 and if you look you can see it was untested and had no shade, so that was crazy.

10.  FDR.  I’ve seen a bunch of framed photos etc of Kennedy (online not in the wild) but never of FDR. This frame was cool but wasn’t cool enough for me to get it.

11. Diamond Rug. OK I’ll admit I regret not getting this, but it was $100.00 and I just couldn’t.

12.  Cacti Mirrors. Aren’t these mirrors so bad they’re good? I seriously almost got the little one but then decided against it since I was already spending more than I wanted. I stand by the choice. They’re cool mirrors but I’m not kicking myself for leaving them.

13.  Shadowbox. I came across this shadowbox earlier in the year but I didn’t like the vignettes on the side. I decided to hold out for a nicer one and am glad I did because I totally found one!

14.  Bacon Genie. Ok I was never gonna get this I was just amused that this was a thing.

15. Dog bowl? I honestly have no idea what this is. It was a target item but I have no idea what the use for it is, do you? It has a bowl type thing in the dogs back is it a dog bowl? a planter? I have no idea. I’ve seen a million of these since taking this picture so I guess no one else knew what this was either.

16. Scandinavian-ish cabinet. This cabinet was kinda cute but yeah didn’t love it

17.  Zayne Doll. I’m not a 1D fan and don’t know anyone who is but the 10 year old in me totally gets the appeal. I remember having a doll of a certain sporty spice girl back in my day (even though doll sporty spice was kinda creepy).

18.  Side Tables. These tables were ok but not amazing. Pass.

19. Bold Wall Art.  Something about these two pieces of wall art were appealing to me, probably the bold colors. They were cool but again I didn’t love em’ so I left em’.

20. Mid Century-ish Cabinet. This was kinda cute but not a cabinet I couldn’t live without and definitely not one I was willing to try and figure out transportation for.

21. Lamps. My mom has a lamp similar to the one on the left which I kinda like but… didn’t need it.

22.  Owl salt and pepper. These were cute, but I wasn’t in love.

23. House drawer? I don’t really understand what this is for. It’s a cute little house ontop of this random drawer.  It was just so weird I had to take a picture of it.

Things I didn’t buy at the Thrift Store

1.  Mid century dresser

 2.  Random Japanese plate. After going to the “Japan” section of Epcot at Disney world and seeing all the cool Japanese pottery they had I’m kind of into Japanese pottery. This plate was nice but not quite nice enough to get.

4.  More dressers

5.   Ugly/cool pendant light

6.  Green Asian-y lamp. This lamp was pretty cool but I figured I don’t really need anymore lamps unless I can’t live without them. 

7.  Sunrise in America 80’s dolls. I almost got these but the last thing I need is dolls collecting dust in my room, so I passed.

8.  Nightstand.

9. Cow Creamer Dispenser. I’m kind of into these creamer dispensers that are shaped like cows. But I don’t really need it so I passed.

10.  Arts and Crafts Style couch.

11. Barbra Streisand Superman record. I only look through the records occasionally, but this record was kind of cool. Go on Babs with yo’ bad self.

12. Vintage Pink Chair. The last thing we need is more chairs, but this one was very tempting.

13.  Random mug.

 14. Fancy-ish china. I looked on the bottom of this and it looked like it was fancy china, but I don’t know much about china. Even though it was cute I just don’t need it and don’t really have anywhere to put it.

15. Vintage Snack Sets. Some of these were cool and in their original packaging which was cool, but I already have one set of snack sets and I don’t use them.

     a. Hawaiian Leaf Snack Set

b. Avocado snack set

c. “Vintage” Snack set

d. other random snack set

What I didn’t buy at the thrift store

 Hey everybody and welcome to another addition of Things I didn’t buy at the thrift store. I have actually been buying some stuff at the thrifts but most of it has been clothes and I’m not sure if you guys want to see that or if I should just wait and post them in outfit posts, I’m leaning towards the latter. Anyway here are some things I’ve passed up on my recent thrifting trips

1. Groovy cookie jar. This cookie jar is so ugly it’s kinda cute, but it wasn’t ugly/cute enough for me to put it in my cart.

2. Red Wing Pot. I liked this pot but I don’t really need another pot so I passed it up.

3. Campaign style dresser. I’ve been wanting a campaign style dresser like this for awhile, ever since I saw this picture on pinterest. This dresser would have been perfect since it wasn’t in great shape so I wouldn’t feel bad about painting it green and it was only $25.00. It wasn’t too big but I don’t think it would have fit in my tiny little car, so I passed it up. I seriously need a friend with an SVU or truck that likes to thrift and wouldn’t mind helping a sister move thrift furniture to her house. A girl can dream right? I do have a family friend that has a large van, but he lives a little farther away and it’s really only worth the hassle of calling him if I really love the piece.

3. Campaign style desk. The dresser had a matching desk that was also pretty cute and cheap, but obviously if I can’t move one I definitely can’t move two.

4.  Rock star Nutcracker. Ok I would have never actually have bought this but it was kind of funny to see. I used to be really into Nutcrackers when I was like 8 and saw the Nutcracker movie, but I never really understood them. They’re festive though.

5. Framed Cross Stiched sad children. I’m always looking for cute or quirky art at the thrift store, but these weren’t quirky enough to bother with. I still think they’re kind of fun though.

6. Aldo faux berkin. I liked this bag but when I inspected it further the shoulder strap was ripped and it wasn’t really worth it.

7. Livestorng bracelets. Remember when these were big? Remember when Lance Armstrong had won 7 tour de France titles and we thought it was not due to steroids? Oh the good ol’ days. Now Lance and apparently his bracelets are hung out on the .99 cent shelf at the thrift store.

8. Chairs. I thought these were pretty nice chairs. My favorite is the dark wood one on the left, but I don’t need any chairs so I passed them up.

9. Drexel Mid century Dresser. This was a nice dresser, only missing a few nobs, but I wasn’t in love with it and I don’t need another dresser.

10.  Vintage Faragamo Shoes. These shoes are ok but after looking them over I realized the only reason I would buy them is because they’re designer shoes and that’s not a great reason to buy. They’re cute but not quite cute enough, although for five bucks maybe I should have taken the plunge.

What I left behind

 1. This Egyptian style Plate Thing. I like Egyptian stuff but didn’t love this, so I passed.

2. Reproduction Sugar Smacks Poster. It was cool but not cool enough for me to get it.

3. This Pyrex Casserole. I just wasn’t really taken with this pattern.

4. N’Sync Bobble Heads. If you’ve been waiting for an N’sync reunion wait no more! All of the gang was back together at the Bloomington Savers, and they’re all very agreeable. I was never really into boy bands in my youth but this gave me a tinge of nostalgia, especially since I recently found a school picture of my friend from middle school on the back of which she told me to “stay N’sync,” yeah she was a big fan.

What happened to Chris’s braids. I think these are from the “No strings attached” period.

5. These Weird Acorn/Nest Plates. I probably would never buy these but I thought they were kinda cool.

6. This Weird Fabric Apple Art. I’m not sure why it was ever made but it amused me greatly.

7. Mid Century Dresser. This dresser had a few scratches here and there but was in pretty good condition. It was only $25.00, a total steal, but I need another dresser like I need another toe. Plus, I saw this a week or so after getting my brasilia dresser and the memory of what a pain that was to move was still fresh in my mind.

8. Copco Pans. these were cool and I like the color but I don’t really need them, they weren’t cheap enough for me to do an impulse buy and I really don’t have a lot of room for retro cookware I’m not 100% in love with. 

9. Tiki Style Figurines. These were cool and tiki-ish but I didn’t really know what they were and passed. Later I was looking up tiki stuff and found out they’re shot glasses, I should have gotten them. Oh well maybe next time.

10. Random Art. Ever wanted quail art made out of what looks like bird seed? yeah me neither but it was kind of cool. The flowers to the right of it were cool too but not enough for me to take them home.

11. Bird Embroidery. I liked this but when I turned it over it had been hastily taped to the frame so I passed.

12. Building Wall Art. I have no idea what these are but they were interesting enough to catch my eye. I’d be interested in seeing how someone decorates with them.

13. Bonzai-ish Tree Embroidery. I was actually going to get these but went to another section and then forgot about them and left. I still think they’re pretty cool.

14. Fish-lo-K-Tor. Can’t find fish? Well do I have the product for you!! I’m not really sure how it works and I don’t fish, but it was kind of fun and random to see at the thrift store.

15. These Cool Retro Lamps. I liked these but I don’t really have a lot of room for lamps that I don’t absolutely love.

What I left behind

     A couple of the blogs I read do a “what I left behind” feature and I’ve fallen in love with them, so I’ve decided to add it to my blog as a feature as well. I’m trying to get over my feeling-odd-taking-pictures-in -places-no-one-else-is and just do it.  And I have to say I’m happy I did, it’s more like I took you all thrifting with me. Plus you can finally see the good stuff I passed up. These pictures are from a few weeks ago and now you can finally see the sideboard I left behind, and I promise this will be the last post in which I talk about it. Anyway here are the things I left behind:

1. These Milk glass-esque containers.
      I like milk glass but I don’t really need more glassware in my house. 

2. These (there were one or two inside) Forest Fancies Pyrex Cinderella bowls. 
        Honestly I’m just not a big fan of this pattern, though it’s growing on me. I see it everywhere but it’s never been cheap enough that it was worth buying, at least in my opinion.

 3. These funky mid century cups (?)

        I liked these but I didn’t really understand their point. They’re not really deep enough to be good  cups and though I like the pattern it just wasn’t enough to get them. 

  4. These Fondue pots
      I just think fondue pots are fun and someday I want to have a 70’s fondue party. These were cool but I see fondue pots everywhere, I guess i’m waiting to find the one I can’t live without.

5. This Pyrex Red Hostess Oven and Table Set 
Honestly this looks better in the picture than it did in real life. Though cool it was scratched to within and inch of it’s life and had some chips so I passed. I also think it was a bit too pricey for the condition and I decided not to buy Pyrex in bad condition.

6 . The infamous mid century sideboard
OK I do regret not getting this. I don’t really have a need for it but it is super cute. For some reason at the time it’s $25.00 asking price was just a bit too much for me (I was being cheap that day) and I just couldn’t reason buying it. So now it’s the one that got away.

7. This mid century(?) side table
 I thought the side table next to the sideboard looked a little mid century too and was kind of cute.

8. This funky owl lamp
This is another thing I kind of wish I had gotten. It’s just kinda funky and random.

So that’s what I left behind. That was actually a pretty good day thrifting, a lot of times there isn’t that much to leave behind. did you leave anything behind recently? do you regret it?