Statement Tassel



Top: Thrift (Old Navy) | Jeans: Thrift (Target) | Shoes: Thrift ( Sam Edelman) | Tassel Earrings: Amazon | Bracelets: Thrift




Leave it to a bright tassel statement earring to really elevate an outfit. This very basic summer top and jeans are elevated by the addition of these fun tassel earrings.  When I got them they were a little brighter than I had imagined, but I’ve come around to them. I get a lot of complements on them when I wear them so that helps. I’m also somewhat obsessed with tassel earrings now.

The only thing I’m not so thrilled about in this outfit are the Jeans. While they seemed fine when I bought them looking at them in the pictures I realize, meh I could definitely do better. I definitely need to invest in some good dark wash jeans and some medium wash jeans without whiskers. I was meh about the whiskers before but, sometimes it takes a good outfit photo to really hate an item. But, I have been trying to simplify and clean out my closet. So these can go as well.

Anyway I hope you all are having an amazing summer! I’m trying to post more regularly. I had had two jobs for 6 months this year and just didn’t have the time to fit in outfit posts. But now i’m back down to one and will hopefully be posting at least once a week. I also have a fun trip to Seattle planned for Labor Day weekend and will be sure to post photos from that. So stay tuned!

As We Go On, graduation watching realness

Top & Leggings: Target | Skirt: Thrift (Target) | Boots: Payless

I wore this to my boyfriends college graduation tuesday. He’s been in school a majority of the almost four years we’ve been together. So it’s kinda weird that it’s over. Weird but good! It means we’ll probably have a lot of changes in the next year. The graduation was long, but it was fun to see him finally cross the stage and celebrate his achievement.

I won’t lie it was a bit of a struggle to figure out what to wear. Graduations are kind of  a dressy event but how dressy is hard to gauge. I was only watching the ceremony so I  didn’t have to be dressed up, but I didn’t want to be super casual either. So I decided to just go with something easy that looked nice but wasn’t too much. Lately I’ve been really into vertical striped knits. So, when I saw this shirt on a youtuber I had to run to target and get it in both colors. Basics were the name of the game for the rest of the outfit with all black everything on the bottom.  My knee high boots also finally came out, since it’s been frigid here in MN the past week and it’s only getting colder. Send help and warmth!




Flair Denim Jacket and Casual Stripes











Almost Everything: Thrifted   |  Tassel Bracelet: Target | Amy Winehouse Pin: Rosie Wonder

                 This is one of my favorite comfy casual schlepping around town looks.  I don’t think these pants are the most flattering but they’re so comfortable it pretty much doesn’t matter. Anyway, Since it’s been chillier I finally got to pull out my denim jacket and show off my flair! Unfortunately when I took my jacket and flair out for the first time I ended up loosing my tweety pin. It was pretty tragic, I was kinda bummed. I think it flew off when I was taking off my bag.  So, I  definitely won’t be wearing this jacket on anymore trips where I’m putting on and taking off my bag a lot.

  I’m dying to buy more flair, but those pins and patches really add up! This Amy Winehouse pin has so far been the only piece of Flair I needed ASAP. Amy is my favorite forever and for always, so it was a must for my flair collection. While I’ve seen pins at big box retailers but I’m waiting for sales and would rather buy from indie designers.  For now I’m stalking the pin section of thrift stores for cheap ones.







Festival Outfit for Summer ’16

summer go to festival dress

plus size festival go-to

summer festival dress plus size

festival essential mini backpack


Dress: Thrift (Anthropologie) | Shoes: Converse | Backpack: Gifted (Coach) | Sunnies : ASOS

          Yes this is a summer festival outfit in the beginning of fall (sorry guys), but I never got around the taking outfit photos this summer. Anyway here’s a look at one of my favorite outfits from the summer. I thrifted this dress in the winter and knew it would be perfect for hot summer days. I finally got to primer it at Rock the Garden, a local music festival here in Minneapolis put on by the Walker Art Center. I thought the dress was perfect since it had a cool festival vibe but didn’t scream FESTIVAL. The only downside is I’ve had some pretty weird tan lines all summer thanks to the dress. I’ve worn it a couple times since out around town and to the Pizza Luce block party to see Lizzo. It’s definitely my favorite easy summer piece and it has pockets. Was there any outfit you gravitated towards this summer? Let me know below.  And since I didn’t really blog much this summer here’s a little peak into my summer ’16.




OOTD: Too Cool for Spring

Top &Shoes: Thrift | Skirt: ASOS 
May was a pretty busy month for me as there’s mothers day as well as my boyfriend and mom’s birthdays.  I’m not sure why but It seems like half the people I know have May birthdays. Anyway I wore this to my boyfriends birthday dinner with his family, he turned the big 2-5. Honestly it wasn’t quite warm enough for this outfit, but I wanted to wear something cute and this was the only thing I liked that day. In my defense the week before had been pretty cold so when it was kinda warm out I may or may not have gone a little overboard. But I like the outfit nonetheless. I only really wear this skirt in the warmer months so it’s fun to break it out.

I would also like to add my deepest condolences to the families, friends, and loved ones of those who were violently gunned down in Orlando last weekend. Here are a few links if you’re as mad as I am about the continued gun violence in our country: resources for turning our sadness into action , contact your representative, remember those lost. And finally just remember that love is powerful so if you hear someone saying homophobic, racist, or islamophobic things speak up, Your voice is powerful.

OOTD dark v darker

I wore this last Saturday to see Batman v Superman. I actually enjoyed the movie, although I did have low expectations. There were definitely some things I didn’t care for in the movie but overall pretty good and I’m super hyped for the Wonder Woman movie.

Jacket: Target (old) T-shirt: Thrift (Old Navy) Jeans and Shoes: Thrift (Target) 

Anyway my desire to wear bright springy colors hasn’t quite kicked in yet. I think It has to be a bit more consistently warm and nice out to spark a little color in my wardrobe. So for now I’m still gravitating towards blacks, grays, and olive green. But I did get to wear my new to me leopard booties. I’ve worn them a few times and they’re pretty comfy. I wouldn’t wear them for a long time or on a real walk intensive situation but they’re fun and add a nice pop of pattern to the outfit.

 It was a cold and wet day that Saturday so grey seemed appropriate. Unfortunately my jacket, which is a good four/five years old is on it’s last legs, the “leather” is ripping and it’s just time for a new one. I’m hoping to find a good one during end of season sales or next fall, we’ll see. Obviously the best scenario would be to find a great one at the thrifts, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out there as well. Anyway hope you all had an awesome Easter if you celebrate or at least enjoyed some 50% off candy and/or time with your family if you don’t. 

OOTD Low-key Valentine’s Day

Dress and Leggings: Trifted  |  Boots: Payless
I’ve always had a generally positive view of Valentine’s Day, even when I was single. But man is it hard to love that day when you’re in a relationship. Valentine’s Day, especially if you want to go out to eat, is one hell of a racket. So this year after going out for the past few Valentine’s Days we decided to do take-out and chill. It was very low-key but perfect, and cheap. lol. Even though we didn’t go out I wanted to dress up a little for the day so I wore this thrifted dress I got during the MLK day sales. I tried it on and instantly knew it’d be a perfect V-day dress, it’s sort of on theme but doesn’t scream valentine’s day. I won’t lie i’m pretty obsessed with this dress and will probably wear it out until it’s too warm to wear it. 

OOTD Prince “Piano and a Microphone” Paisley Park Concert

Top & Leggings: Thrift  | Skirt: Dorothy Perkins | Boots: Payless

       One of the perks of being a Prince fan and living in Prince’s hometown  is every so often he hosts random events around the cities and at his Paisley Park compound. Two weeks ago my mom got tickets for one of two “Piano and a Microphone” gala concerts at Paisley Park. Having never been to a prince concert I was super excited.  The concert was AMAZING! It was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to. There were two shows one at 8 pm and one at 11pm. We got tickets to the 11pm show which was much more hits based than the 8 o’clock show that, from what I gather from reviews, was more of lounge type show where he spoke a little more about why he wanted to do the shows this way and his childhood. Although I would have loved to see the first show too I am not disappointed in the least at the show I did see.  The setup was just a small stage with a (purple) piano and two candle sticks at each corner of the stage, It was all kind of … romantic. The 11 o’clock show that I went to was the more hits driven show and featured songs like Raspberry Beret, Purple Rain, Nothing Compares 2 U, How Come you don’t call me anymore,  I wanna be Your lover,  and Kiss. Toward the end of the night he got the crowd to sing along too, which was so much fun.  We got there a little late so we ended up standing behind him and saw the back of his head for most of the concert, but walked around so we still got to see him and we had pretty close view of him. Somewhat unfortunately, but predictably, cell phone photos/ recording and cameras were strictly prohibited. So the only picture I have of the evening is of the outside of Paisley Park, I wasn’t about to get kicked out! The cellphone ban is a definite generational thing. I went to see Bob Dylan with my mom two or so years ago at the Orpheum and he had the same rules, no photos. It sucks a bit since you want photographic brag worthy photos, but on the other hand it is nice to just be in the moment and listen to the music. Sometimes people get way too caught up trying to record everything and they don’t really experience the event! If you were wondering he wore a mauve/ marsala / light purple silk ensemble that resembled a funky Pajama set. He wore flared pants, a matching phases of the moon long sleeved shirt, vest, his hair in a medium afro and light up platform shoes. Needless to say he did not disappoint on the outfit front, you can see it on his Instagram Pincestagram.

Paisley Park

         Anyway I wasn’t completely sure what to wear to the concert. I was contemplating buying something new but last Monday I spent way more money then planed at thrift store MLK day sales and didn’t really want to shell out money on a new outfit.  I did find some clothes at those sales but the one dress I would have worn I’m saving for Valentine’s Day. So I dug in my closet and remembered this skirt that I bought awhile ago and haven’t worn recently. It wasn’t the outfit I had originally envisioned and looking at these picture I forgot how long the skirt is one me,  I still like the outfit but next time I’ll probably go for a shorter skirt.

         The concert was amazing and now I’m definitely going to have to go to more Prince concerts!

If you want a better detailing of the two concerts you can read this article from Rolling Stone on the 8pm show and this one from the current of the 11 o’clock show that I saw. Both articles include full set lists if you’re interested. 

Food Truck Style on Point

   A while ago now I went to a food truck fair with the boy in Blaine, MN. There’s some organization that has different food truck fairs throughout the summer in different locations around the metro area. I had to work the next weekend when it was in Minneapolis so we decided to go the one in Blaine  that coincided with my day off. 
I’m a semi-terrible food photographer. I never want to wait to take the picture I just want to eat, as you can see above.
We tried food from about five trucks before we were too stuffed for more. The best were probably the taco truck and empanadas. 

I wasn’t really sure what to wear and originally had a recently thrifted skirt in mind, but I just wasn’t feeling it that day.  When I was almost ready to compromise and go with the skirt I just wasn’t feeling I thought of this one.  I’ve had this skirt forever but haven’t worn it much in the last year, It was instantly perfect.

I bought this skirt a couple years ago from ASOS and loved it instantly because it reminds me of the talking Pansy/garden scene from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland. For some reason a lot of that movie has stayed with me. I should watch it again. 
close up of the print on the skirt.
Top: Thrifted   Skirt: ASOS   Shoes: borrowed from mom 
       Someone told me my whole look was on point, so I’ll take that as a win.  It was a good reminder that I really need to go through my closet and take inventory of the good stuff I have in there, especially when I feel like I have nothing to wear.
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One of my three shirts

Shirt / Jacket / Shoes: Thrift  Jeans: Old Navy
      Though I have plenty of spring/summer inspirations (see last post) the weather here has been predictably unpredictable. One day it’s 85 degrees the next it’s 35 with flurries, thus I haven’t broken out the skirts and dresses quite yet. In Fact pretty much all winter and spring when I’m not at work I’ve been rotating the same three shirts pretty heavily, my boyfriend even commented on it which means it’s pretty bad (lol).
      Call it laziness, call it normcore, I just can’t be bothered too much with fashion right now. Not really sure why. I do have a lot of clothes but to be honest my shirts, even my work ones, have been pretty sad for awhile. Part of the reason is that I never shop for them. I haven’t been thrifting much lately and when I do I always seem to have a short attention span. Since shirts are generally the largest section it’s hard to force myself to go through them and pick out some good ones. Even when I buy new shirts are the last on my list. But that needs to change. I do actually need shirts now so I guess I’ll suck it up and put them higher on my thrift list.

       Either way I do genuinely like the outfits I put together with my three shirts. I will be documenting them and posting for you to see. But be forewarned until the temps stay consistently warm, or I acquire more tops, you may be seeing a lot of outfits similar to the one above. Apologies. 

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