Birthdays are Betta in Leatha

Shirt: Macys  Skirt: ASOS  Tights: Target  Shoes: gifted Earrings: PLNDR

        So a little over a month ago (November 16th) I turned the ripe old age of 25. It feels good to be 25 but also a bit odd since I’m now a mere 5 years away from 30, whaa? As you know, I’ve been lusting over leather skirts since the beginning of fall. Asos had a pleated leather skirt in it’s main range that I fell in love with but at $150 or so dollars I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. By the time I figured I could take the plunge the skirt sold out in black and was only available in navy. I like the leather skirt trend, but I just can’t spend 150 dollars on colored leather.
      So in late October I decided to get an asos faux leather skirt that was only 50 dollars as a birthday present to myself. Then Hurricain sandy hit and my package never made it to my house. Asos e-mailed me and said that due to the hurricain they had to send all the packages from their NY shipper back to the UK to inspect the packages and see if they’re able to send them or not. My package was  a total goner. Luckily at that same time Asos curve put up the exact same skirt I had been lusting over earlier in the fall in their range and I just so happened to have a 25% off code, so I decided to go ahead and splurge on the more expensive skirt.
      And I have to say I LOVE this skirt. It’s amazing! I’m soo happy with it and so glad I got to spend my first night as a 25 year old in this fabulous skirt. Also it’s real leather (thus the higher price tag), I just love it so. I would have worn it with these cute black booties I bought earlier that day but was worried about my feet giving out halfway through the night, as they have a bit of a heel.  I totally forgot about my knee high flat black boots, so I opted for my trusted  brown flat ones instead. I’m not in love with this outfit and am seriously looking for better tops to pair with this skirt. I should be wearing this skirt again soon and will hopefully come up with something I’m more in love with.  Anyway I wore this out on my birthday to go watch Drag Queens and dance like a drunken maniac, it was so much fun y’all. 25 will definitely be full of a lot more dancing, I guarantee it.

Ps. Anyone else read leather in the voice of stella from project runway? I. Can’t. Stop. Doing. It. Observe:

Double the Pleasure, Double the fun

Top: Macy’s Skirt: Thrift Shoes:Gifted
          It’s confession time ya’ll, I totally wore this outfit twice… in a row. I first wore it last Friday when I got home to my mom making dinner reservations at a yummy (but expensive) local restaurant called Piccolo. We had to go quickly so I threw on this outfit, one I’ve been waiting since spring for it to be cold enough for me to wear, and left. When I put it on I thought “oh I should have worn something else and wear this to the Junk Bonanza” but I was in a hurry so I left. At the end of the night I decided what the hell I can still wear it tomorrow! I only wore it for a few hours Friday and my mom would be the only one who knew I wore it the day before, so what the hell. Honestly I’m  a serial outfit repeater. Once I think up an outfit I love I want to wear it all the time, I don’t but I want to. This tendency,though, t has decreased with the blog since when  I go out or dress up I try to always come up with a “new” outfit to post. Usually I don’t wear them on consecutive days but, you know, life happens n’ such. 
           Anyway I really like this outfit. I got this shirt three years ago for 10 bucks at Macy’s. I love this shirt and the color, but I never had any good bottoms to pair with it. Thankfully this year I have a bunch, so you’ll probably be seeing this shirt a lot more. The skirt and shoes you’ve seen before but are old favorites.  I really like this outfit and had a great time both of the times I wore it, so I think that’s a win. right? Do you repeat outfits? back to back?

All Patterned up

Shirt: Macys  Skirt: Jason Wu for Target  Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita
           If you think this outfit looks a little familiar you’re right, I wore a very similar outfit here. I wore this outfit to my internship and though I like the look of the outfit I probably should have worn something else that day. I just wasn’t feeling that outfit for that day. That said I do like this outfit, the different patterns make it interesting while the pleats and ruffle detail make it ultra feminine. One of the trends for fall is winter florals, I’m not a huge floral girl but I’m excited to work this skirt into that trend and style it for a colder season.
        How was your labor day? I spent mine with a terrible head cold 🙁 I like fall but, apparently, fall doesn’t like me. I did though take advantage of a few labor day sales. Did you get anything good this labor day?

Age of Aquarius

Top: Macy’s  Jeans: Gap  Shoes: thrifted
         I wore this outfit to a gallery opening my friend was in. This shirt reminds me of hair and every time I wear it I feel very hippie chic. I love this top but ever since I bought it I’ve had a hard time styling it. It’s tunic length so it’s long but no quite long enough to be worn as a dress. I’ve worn it with short leggings and with pants. I’m not really taken with either.  I wore it with these skinnies to see and was OK with it at the time but after taking pictures am not a big fan of the outfit. I could wear the top with a black mini skirt, maybe black skinnies, but the best idea I came up with was black shorts. Unfortunately I don’t really have any shorts, especially black shorts,  and since summer is coming to an end it’s just one of those things I’ll have to put on the list for next year.
        I still have a few more summer outfits to post so you should see some more regular posts at least for a little while. I’m still with my internship but my work and internship are slowing down a bit so I’m going to try and post more this fall. I miss posting, I just need to get back in the swing of things!