A Few of My Favorite Things: September 2016

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a favorites post, so here are a few of my favorite things from September.


1. Chance the Rapper – Angels

I got to see Chance earlier this summer when he played at Rock the Garden, but it took me a minute to really check out his music.  I finally did a few months ago and now I’m obsessed. Angels is my personal favorite at the moment (No Problem is also amaze), but the whole Mixtape is awesome. Check it out on Apple Music, Spotify etc. if you haven’t.


2. Lizzo- Phone

I saw Lizzo twice this year, once with her former group Grrrl Party and once solo at the Pizza Luce block party. I got to see her preform this song live and was so waiting for the song and video to finally come out. It’s so fun, gotta love her!

3.   Bitch Sesh and it’s facebook group

If it existed I would have a PHD in Real Housewifery. I’ve seen EVERY episode of all the American iterations and I love them all. So, when I found Bitch Sesh  I was hooked.  MY PEOPLE! It’s hosted by  SNL and Happy Endings alum Casey Wilson and writer/actor Danielle Schneider. It’s full of weekly housewife breakdowns, housewife product tests, and appeals to the true #garbagepeople in all of us.  If you like housewives like I like housewives you need to listen and you need to listen NOW! The only thing better than the actual podcast is the secret Facebook group, a safe space where fellow housewives fanatics or “Whispering Alene’s”  tell harrowing boots on the ground bravo-lebrity encounters and share photos and news pieces. It’s truly a magical place and it has made me love Facebook in a way I haven’t since probably my freshman year of college.


4.  Luke Cage

I’m 6 episodes deep into Luke Cage and I really like it so far. Set in Harlem it follows Cage as he tries to live peacfully under that radar, obviously that doens’t go well. It also has really cool musical numbers in it by different artists (see above) since Cotton Mouth owns a club in the show. So far my favorite character is Cotton Mouth, he’s deliciously mean but also somewhat sympathetic. I generally like the Marvel Netflix shows a little better than the movies, I just think they’re a little darker and tackle deeper issues. That said, they could use a bit of a shake up. They all see to have similar villains and a similar flow which makes them run together a bit.  But Luke Cage is really good and is definitely one of my September favorites.

5. Atlanta

Like probably all of you, I’d been seeing promos for Atlanta since like June. All the promos seemed cool but none really explained what the show was about. But, so far, the show has lived up to the hype.  It’s about a broke guy trying to make a better life for himself and his family by being the manager of his up-and-coming rapper cousin. My favorite character is Darius who is just hilarious and random.  My favorite episode so far has definitely been Nobody Beats the Biebs, where a black actor plays Justin Beiber  and it’s as weird and entertaining (yet also unexpectedly though provoking) as you’d hope. Anyway if you haven’t you should definitely give it a try.

These are a few of my favorite things (this week)

1. Lena Dunham in pink and Emerald Green.

images via google

I  saw this picture while browsing a copy of British Vogue and fell in love. Lena looks amazing and I instantly fell in love with the color combo of emerald green and that bold pink. Needless to say I’m searching high and low for clothing and accessories in those colors. There will definitely be a outfit inspired by Lena’s in the future.

2. Pastels


The Daileigh


And I Get Dressed
* All images found via pinterest unless otherwise noted

I’m not generally a big fan of pastels but recently I’ve found myself gravitating toward them. Perhaps it’s all the cold grey winter weather and the fact that pastels seem to emanate spring, Easter, and the onslaught of warmer weather. After seeing a million bloggers and their pastel pink coats I have to admit I’ve caught the pastel fever. But I’m not just gravitating to pastel pink, I’m loving every color in a pastel. I think I like them best paired with neutrals or louder/bold colors especially electric/ neon colors and jewel tones. I don’t have very many pastels in my wardrobe but I’m definitely thinking of adding a few.

3. Kimye style

            *all images found via google

I never thought Kim Kardashian dressed badly, but since she’s been with Kanye I’ve been seriously drooling over some of her outfits. I like that they’re kind of downtown cool and effortless yet classy and chic. I’m really drawn to some of her monochromatic looks and her use of neutrals. I’ll definitely be pulling inspiration from these looks as well for future outfit posts.

4. Cat’s guide to Taking Care of your human

I know it’s a commercial but it’s pretty hilarious. 

These are a few of my favorite things (this week)

Sorry for the lack of posts. I do actually have more time nowadays but besides ungodly frigid temps and work I just haven’t had much outfit inspiration lately. I’ll work on getting out of my fashion funk, but until then here are a few images that have tickled my fancy recently.

1. Patterned Pants. I have a pair of herringbone pants that I bought in september and have never worn. But this picture has totally inspired me to dust them off and wear them, look out for a similar outfit in an upcoming post.

image via The locals

2. Bomber jacket inspiration. While digging through my closet looking for new year’s eve outfit inspiration I came across a vintage bomber jacket I stole from my mother and promptly forgot. That jacket gave me all kinds of outfit inspiration that, unforunately, will have to wait for the spring. For now here are some ways I plan to rock the jacket in the warmer months.

via EmilyAfrica

Nany via Nanysklozet

3. Heather and Dave’s Eclectic Enclave. Although I love looking through all the house tours on Apartment Therapy most of them really aren’t my taste or I just like bits and bobs of them. But Heather and Dave’s eclectic enclave had me drooling with every click of my mouse. I mean It’s gorgeous, I want to steal all of their decorating ideas. Some of my favorites from their home tour are below, but you should obviously go to the article and see all of the decorating goodness that is their home.

I’m obsessed with this wallpaper. One day it or something like it will be a part of my home decor.

Coolest half bath EVER!!! I love the wall covering in the bathroom.

 *All images via Apartment Therapy *

4. Emily’s Couch.  I’ve loved Emily Henderson since she won Design Star season 5. But, it wasn’t until recently that I became obsessed with her blog. While going through her blog I found something that looked very familiar. I’m pretty sure Emily and I have the same couch, though her’s is reupholstered and probably in better condition, but she paid $900.00 and mine was a whapping $30.00. Anyway her living room as a whole is pretty awesome and it’s always fun to see your couch, especially in a designer’s home.

image via Style by Emily Henderson

5. Give me a Hand Chair. I really really want a 70’s hand chair, seriously guys. I love the kitsch and those hand chairs are just everything to me. I know I could probably get one at a cheap/tacky furniture store but I’m thinking I’ll come across one when the time is right. Until then I’m just kind of obsessed with pictures like these:

image via google

image via Style by Emily Henderson

6. Adventure time, yo.

image via pinterest

7. Golden Globes Faves.  I don’t usually do awards show roundups and I don’t know if I ever really will, but there were some truly gorgeous gowns at the golden globes. so here are my faves.

I know some people hated this dress but I’m obsessed with it, it was my favorite of the night.
This dress was a close second for my favorite of the night.

J.Lo looked good but this is just standard JLo fare in my opinion. Pretty but kinda boring.

  *all images via google*

8. Girls. I hated on Girls all last year, refusing to watch the show. A show that showcased my own underemployment just seemed less escapist and more a reminder of my less than stellar employment status. But a year later with so much Girls talk and season 2 looming I figured I’d bite the bullet and watch the first season on HBO go. OK I have to admit I actually like the show. It can be a little irritating, but I have to admit I’m kind of a fan now.

9.  Lady Mary Marries.  I’m know I’m not the only one glad lady Mary and Matthew finally married. If Downton had tried to drag that relationship out anymore I might of had to cut a bitch.

image via google

10. Cat Friend/ Dog Friend. Ok so this video is kind of old but it’s just too funny not to post. My cat diamond is almost exactly like cat friend and it kills me every time. My favorite part is when cat friend give that guy the finger, my cat would totally do that if she were human.

These are a few of my favorite things (this week)

1. Pintester. Have you ever seen a random pin and thought “that looks cool, but does it taste good?” “is it easy to make?” “Is it worth my time?” well Pintester is the blog that answers all those questions with lots of swear words and failed crafts along the way. As I’ve said before I’m a lazy crafter, so this blog is kind of amazing. First of all it lets you know if “easy crock-pot ____” is any good or if clementine candles are worth the effort. The author is hilarious and isn’t some McGyver of crafts, she’s a real lazy crafter after my own heart.  Anyway I’m pretty obsessed with Pintester now and you should be too!

image via pintester.com


2. Noisettes Album, Contact. I discovered the Noisettes a couple years ago when I saw their music video whilst flipping channels. I immediately went to their website and saw that they had a free concert in my area a couple weeks away and went. It was pretty sweet. Anyway they released their 3rd album last week and i’ve been listening to it all week. Here’s one my favorite songs from the album, so far.

Photo I took at the Noisettes concert circa 2009

3. Rachel Berry Style.  If you read my liebster award thing you’ll know i’m not really a glee fan. I don’t dislike glee I just don’t really care for it. But I have found, whilst trying to get into it a few years ago, that I do ocassionally like Rachel Berry’s style. I was watching it once and she even wore a dress I was semi-obsessed with at the time. It was actually a good thing as I found out I didn’t really like the dress. Anyway I came across this picture of Lea Michele on set as Rachel and am pretty sure i’m gonna have to re-create this outfit this fall. I love the patterned tights with the boots and simple skirt and top.


4. Frank Ocean. I’d been hearing about Frank Ocean for awhile before I actually heard any of his music. It wasn’t until last month when one of his songs came on the radio that I finally heard one of his songs.  I liked the song and bought his album and am now super into him. Here’s one of my favorites from the album.

5.  Leather pant inspiration. I’m not really one for obsessing over celebrity style, though I do page through gossip magazines while on break at work and am a faithful Fashion police watcher, generally I find fashion bloggers and other things to be more inspiring. But recently i’ve come across a few celeb style photos that have been a bit inspiring. Below are a few of my favorites that incorporate my favorite fall obsession, leather. Here are a few leather pant celeb style photos i’ve found especially inspiring. Also I finally figured out why Kim and Kanye are always matching, she let his stylist completely overhaul her closet. Twinsies.

all images via google

6. Doctor Who. I know I know Doctor who’s been a thing for awhile, but I just recenlty started watching it on Netflix and am now kind of into it. I was at a going away party for one of my friends and people there were talking about Doctor who so I figured i’d watch a few episodes to see what the hubub was all about.  So far my favorite episodes are the one with the little boy and the gas mask, the first episode with the cybermen and the blink one. I haven’t caught up with the current season, I’m on season 5,  so don’t give me any spoilers that I likely won’t get. I have to admit that though I find them kind of irritating and silly one of my favorite characters on the show are the Daleks. They’re ridiculous because they’re supposed to be super scary but have a plunger and egg beater for hands, I mean come on.  I’m pretty sure they kept the same look from the original series and thus look dated and not very intimidating. But I love them because of all their cheese and  their love of yelling EXTERMINATE!!! Whenever they’re on an episode I kind of want to yell exterminate at random people. Although the fact that they keep coming back is getting old.


The “terrifying” Daleks that  killed most of the time lords  but seem to always lose, yet always come back again.  source. 

7.  Gangnam Style. I saw this posted a few weeks ago and i’m kind of obsessed with this video. It’s just hilarious and everytime  I watch it I want to master his sweet dance moves. My favorite part is the random bit when he’s in the elevator with the guy in the cowboy hat who’s giving some serious pelvic thrusts. I guess Gangnam is a rich part of Seoul and the video and song are a satire of the people there. There’s more detailed info on the web if you’re really interested, for now just enjoy the video.

8. Labor Day sales. So I may have spent a tad too much money during labor day sales, maybe just a touch. But my rule for buying new clothes is I should only buy them when they’re on sale or there’s some kind of discount. This doesn’t always work but it’s a rule I try to follow. So I knew labor day would have some good sales and both of the places that had clothes I was drooling over had 20% off codes so I bought a few things… I’ll post what I bought when they come in. I may also need another shopping ban as I feel like I spent a little too much money. But I did get some things I needed like new shoes for work (which I desperately needed) and some clothes that I could wear to work as well.

9. Thrift Shop. This video/song is hilarious. I may have immediately downloaded the song on itunes after hearing it, maybe. With all the rap songs about designer labels and how expensive their clothes are it’s hilarious and refreshing to see someone rap about the thrift store and your grandpa’s dope gear. lol.

10. Tea with lemon and honey. My labor day, the unofficial end of summer here in the USA, sucked mostly thanks to a sweet head cold that decided to rear it’s ugly head Monday. Apparently my body decided the last day of summer was a great time to clog my nose and give me the worst head cold I’ve had pretty much ever. Not only could I not breathe through my nose but I also had a headache and sore throat. Ugh. Anyway tea with honey and lemon was my savior as my throat was killing me when I woke up that day. 5 days later I still can’t really breathe through my nose and still have a cough. This cold just doesn’t want to die!! ugh!

These are a few of my favorite things (this week)

1. Happiness is only a Hair flip away!  I watched  Cris Crocker’s (of leave Britney Alone viral video fame) documentary Me at the Zoo last weekend and it was actually pretty good. I didn’t know if it would be  interesting since I only knew Cris Crocker from the Britney video but it was actually really interesting. I learned  a lot about youtube, like that certain people with a lot of hits on their videos get invited by Google to basically get paid for their videos. For some videos, the video poster gets paid some amount every time someone clicks on those ads that pop up over their video. Anyway he has an interesting life and you kind of understand why he was so impassioned about Britney Spears. You also get to see a lot of his videos. This one is my favorite:

2. 10 things that Make Jonathan Adler Happy.  As it’s 4th of July week nothing is on TV. So I randomly recorded this 10 things that make me Happy show on Bravo. The first part of the show is about Kyle Richards’ favorite things, which was kind of boring, but the second is Jonathan Adler and his list is really cool. My favorite thing of his was this random burlap George Washington bust he and his husband picked up at an antique store. It’s so cool and super weird. Anyway if you can you should totally watch it for the burlap George, gratuitous dog shots and the adorable couple that is Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler. 
 3. Olympic Trials. I would say the Olympics but they haven’t started yet, but they’ll definitely be on another list. The few times I get super patriotic are on the 4th of July and during international competitive sports. I’m not really sure why I’m so into the Olympics, but I am. Last week I watched some of the swimming trials and of course the gymnastics trials. Gymnastics is my favorite sport at the summer olympics and one I watch if it’s on TV on non-olympic years as well. This year I’m super excited by the diversity on the USA’s olympic gymnastics teams. John Orozco, Gabby Douglas, Danelle Layva and Kyla Ross are all representing this year. This isn’t to say I wouldn’t be excited if both teams were all white, it’s just nice to see more diversity on our teams!
2012 US Gymnastics Olympic Team (Source)

4.  Megan Draper’s Style. I know Mad Men ended last month, but I never got around to doing and end of season post so this will have to suffice. This season we got to actually learn more about Megan and we also got to see her awesome style. Megan’s style is very mod and very cool. Anyway here are a few of my favorite Megan outfits:

* All images via Pinterest, Google and AMC

5. 90’s R&B. I watched VH1’s 40 greatest R&B songs of the 90’s countdown ( you can see the list here) a few days ago and now I’ve been having a serious craving for nothing but 90’s R&B. I’m in the middle of making a playlist on itunes and downloading some of the songs. Here are a few of my favorites:

These are a few of my favorite things (this week)

1. Gabifresh’s striped dress and sneaker wedges.  When sneaker wedges first hit the runway I was skeptical, way skeptical. I like sneakers and am OK with wedges but the look of a sneaker with all the reduced comfort of a wedge didn’t really sound amazing. Then I kept seeing them and when I saw Gabi’s take I kinda fell in love. I’m still not sure I’ll be plunking down the cash to participate in this trend, but It has inspired me to dust off my sneakers and incorporate them into outfits outside of pants.

Image via Gabifresh

2. Nicolette Mason’s shoe collection. I’ve followed Nicolette’s blog for a couple years now and love her style. I knew her shoe collection was drool worthy but when I saw all the glittery goodness in one photo I’m even more envious of her awesome shoes. Check out her interview here with Glitter Guide.

Image via The Glitter Guide

3. This fabulous lady’s street style via the ModCloth blog. I saw this image on pinterest and immediately loved it. The cat eye glasses and the mint and polka dots, this lady has some serious style..

Image via ModCloth Blog

4. Star Trek Decor. I’m kind of a trekkie.  I’m not a super serious I speak Klingon and go to star trek conventions one, though I’d totally go to one. But I do like star trek. I’ve watched a lot of the original series and some of next generation. So I kind of love all the star trek paraphernalia I’ve found via pinterest. Most notably this awesome vintage light and these cool pillows.

vintage star trek light, image via Retro Renovation

star trek pillows via Yellow Bug Boutique

5. The coolest waffle iron ever. Waffle chair anyone?

apparently it’s a prototype, Image via google images and pinterest

6.  This pineapple slicer. I love pineapple but don’t like paying extra for the pre-cut stuff and aren’t a huge fan of carving it manually. So, when i saw this I was kind of in love, I think I need one.

Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer, image via pinterest

7. JULIA SARR JAMOIS. Her style, her hair, I love it all.

 *all images via google images

8. Jewelry from Nasty Gal. 

All images via Nasty Gal

9. This collar from ASOS. My mom has a vintage collar that I thought I could wear but it has some stains, tears, and is in need or repair. I will attempt to fix it but in the meantime this collar from ASOS is a close match to it and I’m kind of in love with it.

Image via ASOS

                                                                    image via ASOS