Empty Apartment Mini Tour

I don’t have many pictures of our empty apartment, most of them are just pictures I took for context while furniture shopping. But I figured I’d share what I have and then I’ll show you guys all of the nooks and crannies as rooms get decorated.


Our Apartment is basically a long rectangle. We have an open Kitchen/livingroom with laminate floor and ends in a balcony. We don’t have the best view. Our apartment is in kind of a weird part of Bellevue, or “middle of nowhere Bellevue” as one of my boyfriends co-workers put it. Which at first I was like “Hey!” but I have now embraced since it’s pretty true. lol. The best part of our view though is we look over a little park where people in our complex go to walk/ bring there dogs so they can go to the bathroom. Basically we get to gawk and dogs all the time, major plus. And since our apartment doesn’t have AC it will be nice to get some air from the balcony when temps rise in the summer.

Kitchen/ Dining Room:

There are a couple different color schemes in our complex we have the neutral color scheme. This means we have a sort of light tan “wood” bottom kitchen cabinets, white uppers, grey backsplash and gray quarts countertops. The floors are kind of a gray /blue /brown color which you can’t really see in the pictures. It isn’t my favorite floor color, I wouldn’t necessarily have picked it,  but they’ve grown on me and they hide a lot of dirt.


The Bedroom and closet both have carpet. There’s nothing particularly interesting about either space. But, you know, they’re nice and pretty big.  Most importantly it fits my beloved Broyhill Brasilia dresser which you’ll see in later posts.

As I’ve said before this apartment isn’t really my style but I do like it. It’s kinda cool to live in a space so outside my usual style and make it a space all our own.