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Thrifts of Horror: it’s got legs! It knows how to use them…

Don’t adjust your eyes people that is indeed a table with shapely women’s legs for legs. Yeah… For a cool $300.00, this table could have been mine. Sadly I have taste. Although there were some people checking it out. It’s almost so bad it’s good. I’m really not sure if I should be offended by it or impressed that when the idea of this table came up no one along the way said “oh hell no”.  It looks kinda sexual, like the table is either giving birth or ready for sex. Either way I’m mostly just highly amused that some company or someone made this. It looks like something that should be in Quagmire’s house from Family Guy (giggity). I found this gem while innocently browsing my local Salvation Army and I had to share it, because when do you ever run into a table with legs like that?

Thrifts of Horror

Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve done  a Thrifts of Horror post. Since the holidays are over my work has calmed down and I’ve had a little more time on my hands. So I’ve been doing more thrifting and whilst thrifting I came upon this beauty. I think the most offensive thing is they wanted $30.00 for this… lovely lamp. Well I guess it would be a good conversation piece. Anyway enjoy the first Thrifts of Horror for 2013.

Thrifts of Horror

I feel kind of bad about adding this as a Thrifts of Horror post, as I’m no artist and criticizing someone else’s art seems mean. That said it’s pretty bad, mainly because the father and son just look… well creepy. If you look behind it you can see a similar sculpture of a George Washington lookalike and some random kids. I suppose all people like different things and someone may love this, but the last time I was at this thrift store both figures were still there. I just can’t imagine spending any money on this.

Thrifts of Horror

       I don’t have any outfits worth blogging at the moment and though I did find some cool thrift stuff I’m just not sure they’re worth blogging. So I decided to introduce a new segment to the blog: Thrifts of Horror. Basically this segment showcases the creepy, weird, odd, and so bad it’s good shit you see in thrift stores. I stole this idea from Sir Thrift A lot and his WTF Tuesday segment. Anyway I only have one thrifts of horror today since I haven’t been thrifting much in the past few weeks. I’ve been saving my money for an amazing looking estate sale and the 100 mile garage sale this weekend. So my first thrifts of horror are these two sufficiently creepy Angels. They wouldn’t be so bad, but their eyes make them look possessed. I saw them while looking at knick knacks at Savers and once I saw them I knew I had to get a picture. I think the ceramic bunny on the right is even creeped out by them, he looks worried and is avoiding their gaze. So gaze into the creepy eyes of these demonic angles and I’ll be on the look out for other thrifts of horror to bring your way soon.

Creepy possessed angels via the Bloomington Savers