Half-assed Halloween and Dustin from Stranger Things



Coat/T-shirt/Jeans: Thrift | Hat: Borrowed | Backpack: Old | Shoes: Converse


            While everyone and their mom wanted to be Eleven and Barb from Stranger Things this year, I knew as soon as I saw the show that I needed to be Dustin. I love the show and as kick ass as Eleven is she just never really did it for me. Dustin was my favorite character from the get go. So I had all these big plans to do a big amazing Halloween post as Dustin with all the right thrifted pieces.  I even found the perfect coat, fairly early, at the thrift store. Then life hit and it’s Halloweekend and all I have is a coat. But I figured I could still pull together a Dustin costume with stuff I have in my wardrobe. So here’s my half-assed Dustin!

      I didn’t find the appropriately cheesy deer t-shirt that I wanted. But I figured it’s the 80’s and Dustin would totally dig the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right?  The search for  a  good pair of khaki corduroys was for not as none fit right. So I just threw on some skinny jeans. I put off buying his hat online because I wanted to do a cool DIY with a thrifted hat, but I never found a good one. This black Twins cap works just fine though.  I didn’t find the perfect blue denim backpack, so I had to work with the one I had laying around the house. The only things that weren’t half-assed for this costume are the denim coat and converse shoes. I already had the shoes and the coat was a great thrift find.  And voila that’s how you get yourself a half-assed Dustin costume my friends! Sexiest. Costume. EVER!

    I hope you guys all had an amazing Halloween and managed to pull together an awesome costume, even if you had to half-ass it last minute.


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