What I didn’t Buy at the Thrift Store

1. Vintage clock


I saw a similar clock from this brand on a YouTube channel I watch (The Fashion Citizen), they thrifted theirs too and it turned out to be a Mid Century Modern clock. This one was pretty cool but It wasn’t as cool as the one I saw in the vlog and I wouldn’t use it. So I left it for someone who would. I’m sure it looks super cool in someones home now.

2. Apple Cups!


These cups were so 80’s/90’s that I kind of wanted them. But I have too many cups as it is.

3. Dishwasher Destroyed Pitcher


I  would have picked up this pitcher if it had been in better condition, I have a few pieces in this style and I think they’re really cool.

4. Green Vintage Lamp



This  60’s/70’s lamp that is kinda funky and cool.

5. Mushroom Clock


This I definitely should have gone back for this guy. It was pretty cheap and it’s soo cool! Alas I think I left it to try on clothes and then when I didn’t end up finding anything else left without it. A lot of times in the thrifts if I find something I only like and don’t love I’ll leave it, see if I find anything else, and if I do go back for it. But, if I don’t find anything else it tends to get left behind. It keeps me from buying lots of stuff I only kind of like but also keeps me from buying small items that, when I look back, are pretty cool. oh well.

6. Pair of Victorian-esque Paintings


These are obviously contemporary painting but they’re really good and super cool. I seriously thought about taking them home. I do have a desire to find a cool portrait or two for mi casa and while these were really cool I just wasn’t sure if they were really what I was looking for in a portrait. Hopefully someone scooped them up and they’re hanging in someones cool house.

7. Creppy Ceramic Cat/Dog Girl


Ok, I was never actually tempted to buy this I just thought it was so random I had to share. I don’t really get it, why is her mouth open like that? What’s up with her weird stripey legs?  I do love that she’s holding a … cat(?) though.

8. Dayton’s Backpack


For those of you not from Minnesota Dayton’s was Minnesota’s big local department store until the early 00’s when it bought Marshall Fields (and became Marshall Fields) and then was bought by Macy’s. The  Dayton’s also started your favorite big box store, Target. Anyway back in the day (aka early 90’s…) they gave away backpacks to Kindergarten Classes. I’m not sure if it was all of Minnesota or just Minneapolis Public Schools but either way when I spied this backpack it was a serious throwback. I don’t think this is the pattern I got when I was in kindergarten, I think kindergartners a few years younger than me got these specific ones, but I do remember seeing them around. I remember boys got like a blue orange and red bags and girls got pink and blue ones. I also remember that I had THE coolest iridescent pink backpack and so I didn’t really use the Dayton’s one much. But when I saw this in the Halloween section of a local thrift store  I knew I had to share.

9. 1960’s Wedding Dress




I find vintage wedding dresses to be super cool. This one from the 60’s caught my eye in the Halloween section of a local thrift store. A blogger I used to follow found her wedding dress (a vintage 50’s dress) at the thrift store way before she ever was even engaged or in a relationship with her now husband and so I always like to look through the wedding dresses at thrift stores.  It’s fun to do because there can be some seriously hideous (80’s) ones and you never know if/when you’ll find the perfect vintage wedding dress that fits you like a glove for some possible wedding in the future that may or may not happen. And now I sound crazy.

10. Cheap Mid Century-ish Display Cabinet



I liked the idea 0f this display shelf more than the actual unit. It looks cheap and I’m pretty sure it’s cheaply made. But i did have elements I liked like the grass cloth background and funky curved spindle.







Half-assed Halloween and Dustin from Stranger Things



Coat/T-shirt/Jeans: Thrift | Hat: Borrowed | Backpack: Old | Shoes: Converse


            While everyone and their mom wanted to be Eleven and Barb from Stranger Things this year, I knew as soon as I saw the show that I needed to be Dustin. I love the show and as kick ass as Eleven is she just never really did it for me. Dustin was my favorite character from the get go. So I had all these big plans to do a big amazing Halloween post as Dustin with all the right thrifted pieces.  I even found the perfect coat, fairly early, at the thrift store. Then life hit and it’s Halloweekend and all I have is a coat. But I figured I could still pull together a Dustin costume with stuff I have in my wardrobe. So here’s my half-assed Dustin!

      I didn’t find the appropriately cheesy deer t-shirt that I wanted. But I figured it’s the 80’s and Dustin would totally dig the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right?  The search for  a  good pair of khaki corduroys was for not as none fit right. So I just threw on some skinny jeans. I put off buying his hat online because I wanted to do a cool DIY with a thrifted hat, but I never found a good one. This black Twins cap works just fine though.  I didn’t find the perfect blue denim backpack, so I had to work with the one I had laying around the house. The only things that weren’t half-assed for this costume are the denim coat and converse shoes. I already had the shoes and the coat was a great thrift find.  And voila that’s how you get yourself a half-assed Dustin costume my friends! Sexiest. Costume. EVER!

    I hope you guys all had an amazing Halloween and managed to pull together an awesome costume, even if you had to half-ass it last minute.