What I didn’t buy at the Thrift Store

I haven’t found anything too crazy at the thrifts lately. But I figured I’d share a few of the things I’ve noticed but for one reason or another didn’t buy.
1. Silver and White Vase
 I thought this vase had a pretty cool look and love the texture on the silver part. But I didn’t have a place for it at home.
2. Dooney and Burke Monogram Bag

This bag reminds me of hard of high school so hard, you know that time about 10 years ago (yeesh) when colorful monogram designer bags were all the rage. I carried it around thinking maybe it was worth something or my moms friend who re-sells things could re-sell it but I looked it up on the internets and it wasn’t worth much, so I left it for someone who’d love it

3. Silver and Turquoise Plates


I’m not sure what you’d use these for maybe as a bowl to hold fruit or something? Anyway I love the kind of southwestern vibe of the plates and I thought they were pretty cool.

4. Green Chair


The Upholstery of the chair isn’t great but I like the lines of it.

5. Clarinet


Aside from Pianos / Keyboards I haven’t found any musical instruments at the thrifts. So when I randomly opened this case and found a clarinet I thought it was pretty cool. I don’t play and don’t know a thing about them so I left it.

6.  Lanvin Bow Flats


Yes you read that right I found a pair of legit Lanvin flats that fit me perfectly, but I left them behind. Why? Because they were $100.00. The day I went they did have 30% off clothes, shoes and Accessories but $70.00 was still too much. I looked it up and that is a really good deal on these shoes considering they retail for 500.00-750.00 online. I probably should have gotten them, but I’m trying to save money right now so I passed.

7.  Orange Guy Bowling Pin


This bowling pin was unique. I would never buy it but I thought it was kind of fun.

Currently Obsessed : Flair

If you’re like me when you think of flair you think of this:

flair office space

But just like mini back packs and slip dresses TGI Fridays level Flair is back with a vengeance, and I’m kind of loving it. I recently thrifted a nice denim jacket and have since then been obsessing over what Flair I want to add, how much, and where. I’m all about DIY Flair and have been scouring the interwebs for cute patches, pins, and jacket inspiration. I’m also slightly obsessed patches on things besides jackets like shirts, bags, skirts and jeans. Here’s a few inspiration pics I’ve been drooling over.

Asos Levi patch jacket

patch bomber Urban outfitters embroidered back jacket
patch denim jacket hashtag

patch sweater

t-shirt patch
zara bomber patches
Y&R courtney jacket
zara patch bomber
zara patch purse
zara denim jacket

zara t-shirt patches

Since obsessing over flair I’ve noticed pin flair is a lot easier to come by than patches. I’ve found pins at flea markets and thrift stores, usually for around .99/$1.00. But patches… patches are harder to come by. So i’ve had to resort to online avenues to start my patch collection. Although I think I may check out my local Walmart, JoAnne Fabrics and Michael’s to see if they have any cool ones on hand as well. If you know of any good places to get cheap patches let me know! Patches it turns out are a bit expensive. Anyway, Here’s a little peek at some of my favorite patches from around the web.

AMY pin
BAM! patch


bad bitch patch


bando eye patches
cat patches
babe patch
creamsicle patch


chicks before pricks patch



comme de garcons patch
evil eye patch



deathly hallows patch

emojii patches smile
fancy pink poodle patch
Food truck patch
good vibes patch


gemstone patch
jurassic park patch
lip w_ tongue patch
lips patch
Luck wolf patch
neko katsume patch
peace patch
peach emojii patchsource
spixel saturn patchsource

pixel ufo patch


Pow! patch

tardis patch

Targaryen patch
tuesday bassen heart loli patch
wink set patch
yin yang patch

I also love this DIY embroidered signature jacket I saw by Youtuber Drew Scott. It’d be a lot of work but his results are amazing.

Finally I’m pretty sure I need another Denim jacket because while I love all the Flair part of me also wants just a simple denim jacket with no frills for my more basic days. Back to the thrifts I go!

Here’s my current Flair situation:

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset
Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Are you into the Flair trend? If so let me know if you’ve done any DIY’s ,where you’re getting your flair inspo, and where you’re finding your flair.