These are a few of my favorite things (this week)

1. Lena Dunham in pink and Emerald Green.

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I  saw this picture while browsing a copy of British Vogue and fell in love. Lena looks amazing and I instantly fell in love with the color combo of emerald green and that bold pink. Needless to say I’m searching high and low for clothing and accessories in those colors. There will definitely be a outfit inspired by Lena’s in the future.

2. Pastels


The Daileigh


And I Get Dressed
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I’m not generally a big fan of pastels but recently I’ve found myself gravitating toward them. Perhaps it’s all the cold grey winter weather and the fact that pastels seem to emanate spring, Easter, and the onslaught of warmer weather. After seeing a million bloggers and their pastel pink coats I have to admit I’ve caught the pastel fever. But I’m not just gravitating to pastel pink, I’m loving every color in a pastel. I think I like them best paired with neutrals or louder/bold colors especially electric/ neon colors and jewel tones. I don’t have very many pastels in my wardrobe but I’m definitely thinking of adding a few.

3. Kimye style

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I never thought Kim Kardashian dressed badly, but since she’s been with Kanye I’ve been seriously drooling over some of her outfits. I like that they’re kind of downtown cool and effortless yet classy and chic. I’m really drawn to some of her monochromatic looks and her use of neutrals. I’ll definitely be pulling inspiration from these looks as well for future outfit posts.

4. Cat’s guide to Taking Care of your human

I know it’s a commercial but it’s pretty hilarious. 

The Palm Canyon Collection by Warby Parker

If you’re a four eyes like myself you’ve probably heard of Warby Parker, an eye wear company committed to creating cool frames at affordable prices. They also partner with non-profits to make sure that for every frame sold a pair is donated to a person in need, win/win right?  Today Warby Parker lunched their Palm Canyon Collection which melds the palette of that mid century desert oasis Palm Springs with patterns inspired by Color Field painters and cool mid century minimalism.

 Palm springs you say? Mid century minimalism you say? of course I was all ears (eyes?). This  collection is of particular interest to me as I’m in need of some new frames, mine are literally falling off my face. But you don’t need to be visually impaired to enjoy these fabulous frames, all of them are also available as sunglasses.

All the frames are very cool but my favorites would probably be the Duckworth in Painted Desert and the Preston in Red Canyon for everyday frames.

Duckworth in Painted Desert:

 Preston in Red Canyon

I also love the Wheeler Frames in Revolver Black and Windswept tortoise for sunglasses.

 All the frames in the Palm Canyon Collection are available, along with a multitude of other retro chic frames,  at Warby Parker.
Duckworth in Painted Desert
Winston in Cognac Tortoise

Wheeler in Revolver Black and Windswept Tortoise

Preston in Red Canyon

Which Palm Canyon frames are your favorites?

*I was contacted by Warby Parker to help launch their Palm Canyon Collection. All the proceeding opinions are my own. All photos courtesy of Warby Parker.

Big Screen Style: American Hustle

       Recently I went and saw the movie American Hustle. The movie is really good and I would definitely recommend it.  I love movies like American Hustle that are set in the a past decade, as you not only  get a good story you get all the luscious era appropriate home decor and clothes. American Hustle is no exception, I was drooling over all the gorgeous costumes and sets in the movie. And appropriately so the movie made me fall head over heels for wrap dresses. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved a good wrap dress they’re easy, universally flattering, and always chic. But in recent years my adoration for them has waned a bit and my wrap dresses made their way to the back of my closet. But the way Amy Adams’ character rocks a wrap dress in the film made me want to dust off my wrap dresses, take them for a spin, and add to my collection. Now in my opinion Jennifer Lawrence totally steals the film (although every one is really good), but she really only has one or two good fashion moments (that white dress is to die for). But Amy Adams’ character was the fashionista of the film and all of her outfits were amazing. The only funny thing about pretty much all of her costumes is none of them allowed for a bra as most incorporate a deep plunging neckline. But she did rock a lot of more demure dresses as well, including a lot of DVF. You’ll have to see the movie to see the outfits in all their glory but here are a few stills to convince you.

Obviously after watching the film I have a strong urge to go completely wrap crazy. I’m also really digging 70’s style at the moment.  So here’s a little collage of some modern American Hustle inspired options:

American Hustle style

Happy New Year!!


       Can you believe it’s already 2014? time sure does fly when you’re having fun. 2013 was a really good year for me and I’m hoping 2014 will be just as lovely. I had to work late NYE so I spent the first hours of the new year at home in my jammies with some celebratory champagne, classy. This year I hope to focus more on my career and really get that going, that’s my number one resolution. I am also resolving to blog more! Things sort of fell off here in 2013, while I did post a bit it wasn’t nearly as much as I would have liked. My personal life got busier and I made little time for blogging, so this year I promise to balance that more and come back with more content then ever before!

Dress: ASOS Booties: Target Earrings: Ecuador Bracelet: Marshall Fields (old)

       Since I didn’t go out for New Years Eve the first outfit post of 2014 is actually from 2013, go figure.  Anyway, I wore this dress twice recently so I figured I’d show you the various ways I styled it.  I wore the first look to one of my good friends from Elementary/ Middle School’s wedding. The wedding was lovely and she looked goregeous, I had to hold myself back from crying while she walked down the aisle. It’s odd when your friends start getting married, but I’m very happy for her. I had a dress all planned out to wear, then I got the invitation and found out it would be a shorter wedding in the afternoon and decided to go a bit more casual.  I thought this dress fit the bill perfectly. I’m in love with the wrap look and the cute little birds on it,  the neckline is a bit too low for most occasions but that’s an easy fix. I decided to dress it up a bit with a cute bracelet I wore to my prom forever ago, some peacock earrings I got in Ecuador, and black booties.

Dress: ASOS Boots: Payless 

       I also wore the dress on Christmas. I had a very busy Christmas in 2013, I went to my boyfriends mom’s house for Christmas brunch and then we both headed to my grandparent’s house for Christmas dinner. There were a lot of families, I’m pretty sure we were both exhausted by the end of the day. But it all went well and we got the meet the families part over with for the most part.  Anyway since I was meeting some of his family for the first time and wasn’t sure what everyone would be wearing I decided to go with this dress as it’s casual but still kinda dressed up. I also wore my new favorite boots from Payless. I seriously need more boots in my life. I really like this look and have recently fallen head over heels for wrap dresses, so look for more of those in the coming months.