Mississippi Roadtrip: Memphis pt. 3 The Lorraine

      Although we literally only spent one day in Memphis we knew we had to make a trip to the civil rights museum as well. The Civil Right museum is built in and around the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Unfortunately most of the museum was under construction (another reason to come back to Memphis in the future!), but the Martin Luther King Jr. part was open. The museum starts across the street in a building that was a boarding house and was the place where James Earl Ray stayed and later shot Dr. King from. The tour is long and has a step by step account of the two men up and around the time before and after the assassination, It’s fascinating stuff. You can even see what the room James Earl Ray stayed in looked like and the window he shot Dr. King from. You can also see into the room that Dr. King was staying in. There is a lot more to the museum that, unfortunately, we didn’t get to see (as it was under construction) but I definitely want to go back and see the whole museum, the construction should be done in the beginning of 2014. If you’re in or around Memphis this is definitely an important stop you should add to your itinerary.

Parts preserved of the boarding house James Earl Ray stayed in and assassinated Dr. King from:

The room (i think) where Jamel Earl Ray stayed

The Bathroom window where he took aim and killed Dr. King

View of the Lorraine Motel from the boardinghouse bathroom window

Another view of the Lorraine from inside the museum

a snip of the inside of the museum

The Lorraine Motel:

view of the boarding house from the balcony of Dr. Kings hotel room

The Room Dr. King was staying in before his death

As you can see they were also doing construction on the facade of the motel. You could see inside room 306 but I was not able to get a good picture of it. The museum was moving and I definitely learned a lot about Dr. King’s assassination.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make it back to Memphis soon and see the whole museum.

Mississippi Road Trip Memphis pt. 2 Graceland: All the rest

Graceland is way more than just a house. After you tour the actual home there are several building on the property filled with memorabilia and then even more exhibits with cars, jumpsuits (oh the jumpsuits!), planes and more. It’s truly an experience. Anyway here’s a peek of all the stuff outside of the main house.

The Office: I believe Elvis’ dad was his manager and this building was sort of Elvis Inc.  for most of his life. You can see the old office set up and a lot of cool fan art.

Check out the awesome lamp that you can’t really see but was awesome.

Memorabilia Rooms:

This was the coolest display, I was salivating over all the cool Elvis memorabilia. How awesome would it be to come across some of that stuff! I wants it, I wants it all!

So. many. records.

Priscilla’s wedding dress

details of the dress

Elvis’ tux. Yes that is a paisley printed tux, how awesome is that!?!?

blurry details

  Den(ish) Room: 

Beginning of the Jumpsuits: 

Presley Family Graves:  Elvis, his father, grandmother, and mother are all buried here. There is also a small plaque in remembrance of  his twin brother who died soon after birth, he’s not actually buried there though. I had no idea Elvis was a twin. All the flower arrangements are sent in by fans and put around the graves.

The Cars: 

Though cool this thing was HUGE! I don’t understand how people parked in the 50’s and 60’s.

More Jumpsuits!!!

The Planes! Elvis had two private planes and both are amazing. Although I have to admit the smaller one with the colorful interior is my fave. On the headset it said one year for Christmas he and his family got on the plane and went somewhere (Colorado I think) so Lisa Marie could have fun in the snow and then flew back, sounds liked the perfect way to enjoy snow to me.

The Lisa Marie:

Yes all the furniture is covered in plastic like your grandma’s house. It’s to protect the furniture and actually kind of adds an extra kitschy element to the whole experience.

The Little Plane (I forgot it’s name): Aka the coolest plane ever!

After visiting Graceland I had a serious desire to buy a jumpsuit, I wonder why… That Man seriously loved a jumpsuit and they are pretty awesome. Anyway Graceland was sooo much fun. I’m not a huge Elvis fan but it was amazingly cool to see it, it’s the King in all his glory and it’s totally worth a trip. If you’re ever in or near Memphis you should put it on your list of must see places.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It's cold outside


            Well it’s December and it seems here in Minnesota as soon as the first came around mother nature took notice and it’s been serious winter weather ever since. It snowed round these parts last Wednesday and then again Sunday. In between snow storms we’ve been having frigid temps (Saturday’s high was -2). Yeah it’s been one of those “Why do we live here again?” kind of weeks. Anyway frigid temps and snow mean unpacking all your winter accessories and quick! Unfortunately when I unpacked mine I was less than thrilled. Seems my winter wardrobe is in need of a winter accessory overhaul. The top things on my list are a cute winter hat, preferably with a pom pom, and a circle/infinity scarf. Above are some of my favorites from around the interwebs.