Statement Tassel



Top: Thrift (Old Navy) | Jeans: Thrift (Target) | Shoes: Thrift ( Sam Edelman) | Tassel Earrings: Amazon | Bracelets: Thrift




Leave it to a bright tassel statement earring to really elevate an outfit. This very basic summer top and jeans are elevated by the addition of these fun tassel earrings.  When I got them they were a little brighter than I had imagined, but I’ve come around to them. I get a lot of complements on them when I wear them so that helps. I’m also somewhat obsessed with tassel earrings now.

The only thing I’m not so thrilled about in this outfit are the Jeans. While they seemed fine when I bought them looking at them in the pictures I realize, meh I could definitely do better. I definitely need to invest in some good dark wash jeans and some medium wash jeans without whiskers. I was meh about the whiskers before but, sometimes it takes a good outfit photo to really hate an item. But, I have been trying to simplify and clean out my closet. So these can go as well.

Anyway I hope you all are having an amazing summer! I’m trying to post more regularly. I had had two jobs for 6 months this year and just didn’t have the time to fit in outfit posts. But now i’m back down to one and will hopefully be posting at least once a week. I also have a fun trip to Seattle planned for Labor Day weekend and will be sure to post photos from that. So stay tuned!

Uniquely Obsessed with Unique Vintage

A few years back I was obsessed with retro/ vintage style clothing and was dying to wear them, but all the online stores had very meager plus options. Then modcloth came out with larger sizes and I was promptly not as into the whole retro look as much, go figure. But lately I’ve been obsessing over the selection at Unique Vintage and I’m pretty smitten. I bought a wiggle dress there last year that I love and now all I want to do is spend all my money on their gorgeous vintage inspired dresses. Since I still have to adult and you know, pay bills, I haven’t thrown all my money at them just yet. But, I definitely plan to acquire a few pieces in the coming months. Here are some of the Unique Vintage dresses I’ve been salivating over lately.

uniquely obsessed with Unique Vintage


Uniquely Obsessed with Unique Vintage 2


Uniquely Obsessed with Unique Vintage 3


It’s been building for awhile but I definitely think 2017 will be the year I add more vintage inspired pieces to my wardrobe.






As We Go On, graduation watching realness

Top & Leggings: Target | Skirt: Thrift (Target) | Boots: Payless

I wore this to my boyfriends college graduation tuesday. He’s been in school a majority of the almost four years we’ve been together. So it’s kinda weird that it’s over. Weird but good! It means we’ll probably have a lot of changes in the next year. The graduation was long, but it was fun to see him finally cross the stage and celebrate his achievement.

I won’t lie it was a bit of a struggle to figure out what to wear. Graduations are kind of  a dressy event but how dressy is hard to gauge. I was only watching the ceremony so I  didn’t have to be dressed up, but I didn’t want to be super casual either. So I decided to just go with something easy that looked nice but wasn’t too much. Lately I’ve been really into vertical striped knits. So, when I saw this shirt on a youtuber I had to run to target and get it in both colors. Basics were the name of the game for the rest of the outfit with all black everything on the bottom.  My knee high boots also finally came out, since it’s been frigid here in MN the past week and it’s only getting colder. Send help and warmth!




What I didn’t Buy at the Thrift Store

1. Vintage clock


I saw a similar clock from this brand on a YouTube channel I watch (The Fashion Citizen), they thrifted theirs too and it turned out to be a Mid Century Modern clock. This one was pretty cool but It wasn’t as cool as the one I saw in the vlog and I wouldn’t use it. So I left it for someone who would. I’m sure it looks super cool in someones home now.

2. Apple Cups!


These cups were so 80’s/90’s that I kind of wanted them. But I have too many cups as it is.

3. Dishwasher Destroyed Pitcher


I  would have picked up this pitcher if it had been in better condition, I have a few pieces in this style and I think they’re really cool.

4. Green Vintage Lamp



This  60’s/70’s lamp that is kinda funky and cool.

5. Mushroom Clock


This I definitely should have gone back for this guy. It was pretty cheap and it’s soo cool! Alas I think I left it to try on clothes and then when I didn’t end up finding anything else left without it. A lot of times in the thrifts if I find something I only like and don’t love I’ll leave it, see if I find anything else, and if I do go back for it. But, if I don’t find anything else it tends to get left behind. It keeps me from buying lots of stuff I only kind of like but also keeps me from buying small items that, when I look back, are pretty cool. oh well.

6. Pair of Victorian-esque Paintings


These are obviously contemporary painting but they’re really good and super cool. I seriously thought about taking them home. I do have a desire to find a cool portrait or two for mi casa and while these were really cool I just wasn’t sure if they were really what I was looking for in a portrait. Hopefully someone scooped them up and they’re hanging in someones cool house.

7. Creppy Ceramic Cat/Dog Girl


Ok, I was never actually tempted to buy this I just thought it was so random I had to share. I don’t really get it, why is her mouth open like that? What’s up with her weird stripey legs?  I do love that she’s holding a … cat(?) though.

8. Dayton’s Backpack


For those of you not from Minnesota Dayton’s was Minnesota’s big local department store until the early 00’s when it bought Marshall Fields (and became Marshall Fields) and then was bought by Macy’s. The  Dayton’s also started your favorite big box store, Target. Anyway back in the day (aka early 90’s…) they gave away backpacks to Kindergarten Classes. I’m not sure if it was all of Minnesota or just Minneapolis Public Schools but either way when I spied this backpack it was a serious throwback. I don’t think this is the pattern I got when I was in kindergarten, I think kindergartners a few years younger than me got these specific ones, but I do remember seeing them around. I remember boys got like a blue orange and red bags and girls got pink and blue ones. I also remember that I had THE coolest iridescent pink backpack and so I didn’t really use the Dayton’s one much. But when I saw this in the Halloween section of a local thrift store  I knew I had to share.

9. 1960’s Wedding Dress




I find vintage wedding dresses to be super cool. This one from the 60’s caught my eye in the Halloween section of a local thrift store. A blogger I used to follow found her wedding dress (a vintage 50’s dress) at the thrift store way before she ever was even engaged or in a relationship with her now husband and so I always like to look through the wedding dresses at thrift stores.  It’s fun to do because there can be some seriously hideous (80’s) ones and you never know if/when you’ll find the perfect vintage wedding dress that fits you like a glove for some possible wedding in the future that may or may not happen. And now I sound crazy.

10. Cheap Mid Century-ish Display Cabinet



I liked the idea 0f this display shelf more than the actual unit. It looks cheap and I’m pretty sure it’s cheaply made. But i did have elements I liked like the grass cloth background and funky curved spindle.







Half-assed Halloween and Dustin from Stranger Things



Coat/T-shirt/Jeans: Thrift | Hat: Borrowed | Backpack: Old | Shoes: Converse


            While everyone and their mom wanted to be Eleven and Barb from Stranger Things this year, I knew as soon as I saw the show that I needed to be Dustin. I love the show and as kick ass as Eleven is she just never really did it for me. Dustin was my favorite character from the get go. So I had all these big plans to do a big amazing Halloween post as Dustin with all the right thrifted pieces.  I even found the perfect coat, fairly early, at the thrift store. Then life hit and it’s Halloweekend and all I have is a coat. But I figured I could still pull together a Dustin costume with stuff I have in my wardrobe. So here’s my half-assed Dustin!

      I didn’t find the appropriately cheesy deer t-shirt that I wanted. But I figured it’s the 80’s and Dustin would totally dig the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right?  The search for  a  good pair of khaki corduroys was for not as none fit right. So I just threw on some skinny jeans. I put off buying his hat online because I wanted to do a cool DIY with a thrifted hat, but I never found a good one. This black Twins cap works just fine though.  I didn’t find the perfect blue denim backpack, so I had to work with the one I had laying around the house. The only things that weren’t half-assed for this costume are the denim coat and converse shoes. I already had the shoes and the coat was a great thrift find.  And voila that’s how you get yourself a half-assed Dustin costume my friends! Sexiest. Costume. EVER!

    I hope you guys all had an amazing Halloween and managed to pull together an awesome costume, even if you had to half-ass it last minute.


5 Fall Trends To Find at the Thrift Store

It’s fall!  While to some that means pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, and falling leaves to me it means it’s prime thrifting season. Why? you might ask. Well it’s Halloween season at the thrift store and Halloween is the time of year when they bring out all the awesome unusual and/ or vintage items they’ve amassed all year. Since it’s officially prime thrifting season I figured I’d show you some trends you can easily find at the thrift store this Fall.





I’ve been seeing Camo jackets around for awhile and they are the easiest thing to thrift, especially around this time of year.  So before you peruse your local mall, hit up your local thrift if you’re in the market for a camo jacket.





Velvet was a big trend this fall and you can find a ton of it at the thrift store. You can find velvet blazers, dresses, skirts or tops that fits your style and your budget.  Thrifted items are a great way to try new trends as they let you try them with out investing too much money.

3.  Turtle Necks


You can find turtle necks at literally any thrift store, just stalk the sweater/ long sleeved shirt section and you’re bound to find one that fits your fancy. Good for layering under slip dresses or your favorite summer to fall sleeveless dress a turtle neck never goes out of style.

4. Block Heels



Block Heels are a practical and stylish trend this fall. Luckily you can find a ton of block heels at the thrift store. Shoes from the 70’s and 80’s have a similar silhouette and are a plenty at the thrifts. These Salvatore Faragamo block heels where found in the Halloween section of a local thrift store.  Be sure to check every section so you don’t miss out on any hidden gems.

5. Flair (pins)





As you probably know I’ve been searching the thrifts for some cool flair for my denim jacket.  It’s the perfect place to look and has incredibly affordable prices. You can find all sorts of unique pins and brooches to adorn your favorite piece of outwear or just spice up your lapel.











Flair Denim Jacket and Casual Stripes











Almost Everything: Thrifted   |  Tassel Bracelet: Target | Amy Winehouse Pin: Rosie Wonder

                 This is one of my favorite comfy casual schlepping around town looks.  I don’t think these pants are the most flattering but they’re so comfortable it pretty much doesn’t matter. Anyway, Since it’s been chillier I finally got to pull out my denim jacket and show off my flair! Unfortunately when I took my jacket and flair out for the first time I ended up loosing my tweety pin. It was pretty tragic, I was kinda bummed. I think it flew off when I was taking off my bag.  So, I  definitely won’t be wearing this jacket on anymore trips where I’m putting on and taking off my bag a lot.

  I’m dying to buy more flair, but those pins and patches really add up! This Amy Winehouse pin has so far been the only piece of Flair I needed ASAP. Amy is my favorite forever and for always, so it was a must for my flair collection. While I’ve seen pins at big box retailers but I’m waiting for sales and would rather buy from indie designers.  For now I’m stalking the pin section of thrift stores for cheap ones.







A Few of My Favorite Things: September 2016

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a favorites post, so here are a few of my favorite things from September.


1. Chance the Rapper – Angels

I got to see Chance earlier this summer when he played at Rock the Garden, but it took me a minute to really check out his music.  I finally did a few months ago and now I’m obsessed. Angels is my personal favorite at the moment (No Problem is also amaze), but the whole Mixtape is awesome. Check it out on Apple Music, Spotify etc. if you haven’t.


2. Lizzo- Phone

I saw Lizzo twice this year, once with her former group Grrrl Party and once solo at the Pizza Luce block party. I got to see her preform this song live and was so waiting for the song and video to finally come out. It’s so fun, gotta love her!

3.   Bitch Sesh and it’s facebook group

If it existed I would have a PHD in Real Housewifery. I’ve seen EVERY episode of all the American iterations and I love them all. So, when I found Bitch Sesh  I was hooked.  MY PEOPLE! It’s hosted by  SNL and Happy Endings alum Casey Wilson and writer/actor Danielle Schneider. It’s full of weekly housewife breakdowns, housewife product tests, and appeals to the true #garbagepeople in all of us.  If you like housewives like I like housewives you need to listen and you need to listen NOW! The only thing better than the actual podcast is the secret Facebook group, a safe space where fellow housewives fanatics or “Whispering Alene’s”  tell harrowing boots on the ground bravo-lebrity encounters and share photos and news pieces. It’s truly a magical place and it has made me love Facebook in a way I haven’t since probably my freshman year of college.


4.  Luke Cage

I’m 6 episodes deep into Luke Cage and I really like it so far. Set in Harlem it follows Cage as he tries to live peacfully under that radar, obviously that doens’t go well. It also has really cool musical numbers in it by different artists (see above) since Cotton Mouth owns a club in the show. So far my favorite character is Cotton Mouth, he’s deliciously mean but also somewhat sympathetic. I generally like the Marvel Netflix shows a little better than the movies, I just think they’re a little darker and tackle deeper issues. That said, they could use a bit of a shake up. They all see to have similar villains and a similar flow which makes them run together a bit.  But Luke Cage is really good and is definitely one of my September favorites.

5. Atlanta

Like probably all of you, I’d been seeing promos for Atlanta since like June. All the promos seemed cool but none really explained what the show was about. But, so far, the show has lived up to the hype.  It’s about a broke guy trying to make a better life for himself and his family by being the manager of his up-and-coming rapper cousin. My favorite character is Darius who is just hilarious and random.  My favorite episode so far has definitely been Nobody Beats the Biebs, where a black actor plays Justin Beiber  and it’s as weird and entertaining (yet also unexpectedly though provoking) as you’d hope. Anyway if you haven’t you should definitely give it a try.

Festival Outfit for Summer ’16

summer go to festival dress

plus size festival go-to

summer festival dress plus size

festival essential mini backpack


Dress: Thrift (Anthropologie) | Shoes: Converse | Backpack: Gifted (Coach) | Sunnies : ASOS

          Yes this is a summer festival outfit in the beginning of fall (sorry guys), but I never got around the taking outfit photos this summer. Anyway here’s a look at one of my favorite outfits from the summer. I thrifted this dress in the winter and knew it would be perfect for hot summer days. I finally got to primer it at Rock the Garden, a local music festival here in Minneapolis put on by the Walker Art Center. I thought the dress was perfect since it had a cool festival vibe but didn’t scream FESTIVAL. The only downside is I’ve had some pretty weird tan lines all summer thanks to the dress. I’ve worn it a couple times since out around town and to the Pizza Luce block party to see Lizzo. It’s definitely my favorite easy summer piece and it has pockets. Was there any outfit you gravitated towards this summer? Let me know below.  And since I didn’t really blog much this summer here’s a little peak into my summer ’16.




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